• Fallout 4
    isn’t without its faults, and mods can help smooth some of its rougher edges.
  • Some mods overhaul gameplay mechanics to give players better companions or improve lackluster components of the base game.
  • Other mods help
    Fallout 4
    ‘s quality-of-life by revamping interfaces and changing certain aspects of combat.


Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is certainly an expansive RPG, but it’s not without shortcomings – an issue that can luckily be solved with mods. Prime Video’s Fallout being so well-received by both fans and critics has familiar and new players alike venturing out for one more trip into the wasteland. Fallout 4 has a next-generation update on the way, but there are some mods worth downloading that significantly improve the experience.

Bethesda has never held back when it comes to allowing players to modify its games. Modding has always been a thing for PC players, but those on console have long since been out of the loop when it comes to mods for the most popular games. Fallout 4 uses Bethesda’s Creation Club platform to allow mods on the console versions, however, albeit with a more limited selection. Fortunately for Fallout 4 fans, there is a nearly infinite number of mods worth trying in the game, but a few major ones ensure the mechanics and performance are more than up to snuff.


All Vault Locations In Fallout 4

There are five vaults to find and explore in Fallout 4, with two more within additional DLCs. Unlock and enter them to uncover Vault-Tec’s secrets.

10 The Cheat Room Mod Offers A Bit Of Everything

Empowering Players With CHEATS

Be it Skyrim or Fallout 4, Cheat Room mods are a must-have for any player, new or veteran. While there’s nothing quite like playing through a game for the first time and experiencing all the difficult levels it has to offer, it can be extremely frustrating. Cheat Rooms increase accessibility by giving players access to a full arsenal of weapons, armor, and other useful gear.

The best part of Cheat Room mods is that they are completely optional. Players can download a Cheat Room in Fallout 4 and plunder it for invincibility rings and god-tier damage weapons, and only use them when stuck on a particular level. Bethesda Mods user Bradenm1‘s Cheat Room for Fallout 4 on PlayStation has over 81,000 good reviews, but searching for Cheat Room on any mod menu will bring up plenty of viable options.

9 Beast Master Turns The Tables On Dangerous Animals

Taming the Wasteland

Take anything from a Mirelurk to a Deathclaw and give it a name, tasks to complete, and accessories to change its appearance

The creatures in Fallout match the overall nature of the wasteland: dangerous deformities that are only focused on killing. Run-ins with these creatures should be avoided at all costs, especially for lower-level players. However, there is a way to turn these beasts from foe to friend and force them to fight by the player’s side against Mutants, Ghouls, and all the other hazardous critters.

The Beast Master mod from Nexus Mods user steelfeathers allows the player to tame any creature found in the wild and make them a better companion than any human. Take anything from a Mirelurk to a Deathclaw and give it a name, tasks to complete, and accessories to change its appearance. Fallout 4‘s story, by nature, encourages mostly human companions, but occasionally canine, ghoul, or synth; download this mod at the start of a playthrough to secure the most formidable and terrifying allies.

8 The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch Is A Game-Changer

Smoothing Out Gameplay

When Fallout 4 launched in 2015, the game was heavily weighed down by bugs and performance issues. Since then, the developers have released several patches to fix the large problems, but plenty of small ones remain. It’s simply a running theme with Bethesda games, since they have so many moving parts, but the modding community usually comes through and creates quality-of-life packages like the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch by Bethesda Mods user Arthmoor.

Of all the quality-of-life updates that improve the playability of Fallout 4, this is perhaps the most important. The game has improved enough in the nearly 10 years since its release, but some frustrating bugs remain. This mod lives up to its namesake as an unofficial patch that ensures the game plays how the developers meant – smoothly.

7 Add New Enemies With Unique Raider Gangs & Patrols

Diversifying Combat With Enemy Variety

One of the downsides to Fallout 4 is that after playing for several hours in what is a very expansive game, the player has likely already run into many of the enemies they’re going to fight. Sure, there are different types of Raiders, Mutants, and Synths, but by and large, there’s not a vastly diverse library of enemies. However, there is a mod that adds more than 40 new enemies to the game.

The best part of the Unique Raider Gangs and Patrols mod from Nexus Mods creator PrecisionTacos is that each of these new enemy types also drops new gear. They are also spread out across the map and can be encountered at different times in different areas. Adding these new types of enemies gives Fallout 4 even more depth and diversity in combat.

6 Play As A Ghoul Is One Of The Best Fallout 4 Mods

Embracing Ghoulhood

Ghouls are simply some of the coolest characters in Fallout history. What better way to celebrate Walton Goggins’ character The Ghoul leaving such a prominent mark in Prime Video’s Fallout than by becoming a ghoul in the game? Ghouls are incredibly powerful and could live for hundreds of years, making them the perfect cosplay for a new Fallout playthrough.

On top of their increased strength and lifespan, Ghouls are also incredibly durable and agile

While playing as a Ghoul in Fallout 4 thanks to the Revampled Playable Ghoul mod by Nexus Mods user cebius 2, players can fit in perfectly in the town of Goodneighbor. On top of their increased strength and lifespan, Ghouls are also incredibly durable and agile. In Fallout‘s distorted wasteland, anyone who sees a Ghoul coming towards them knows they either need to run or be prepared for a difficult fight.

5 Better Settlers Helps Build A More Authentic Town

Revolutionizing Settlement Defense

Building settlements isn’t a feature unique to Fallout, but it is difficult to effectively utilize it because it’s not fully fleshed out. Towns are frequently attacked by Raiders, Mutants, and other enemies, but the Settlers are generally not good defenders. The Better Settlers mod in Fallout 4 changes that, and provides players with a new reason to build their own town.

With the Better Settlers mod by author Thom293 on Nexus Mods, Settlers will be much more efficient in combat and even have skills that give them more abilities. They also have better weapons that are not completely obsolete against higher-level enemies. With Better Settlers in Fallout 4, it is no longer up to just the player to defend their settlements alone from outside threats.

4 Functional Displays Are Surprisingly Absent From The Base Game

The Functional Displays Mod Brings Back a Bethesda Staple

​​​​​​It’s incredibly odd for something so simple – that’s even been in previous games – to be neglected in Fallout 4

One feature that is in other Bethesda titles, even the earlier Skyrim, but not in Fallout 4, is weapon racks that actually display weapons properly. The default weapon racks in Fallout 4 are incapable of holding weapons without them falling on the floor. Thanks to the Functional Displays mod from SecretAgent99 on Nexus Mods, players can display their favorite weapons in their settlement with pride.

​​​​​​It’s incredibly odd for something so simple – that’s even been in previous games – to be neglected in Fallout 4. Fortunately, as they have so many times, modders save the day once again. For those who love spending time in and designing their settlement, the Functional Displays mod should be near the top of the list.

3 Improved Map With Visible Roads

The Improved Map with Visible Roads mod from Nexus Mods user mm137drastically improves Fallout 4‘s quality of life. As it stands without a mod, the Fallout 4 map is difficult to read with very subtle topography and a smattering of icons. While this mod may not offer any life-altering fun, it makes the game much more approachable and easier to navigate.

This is another one of those features that’s a bit head-scratching as to how Bethesda originally launched the game with a map that is borderline useless. Something so simple shouldn’t need any adjustment, but fortunately, modders took it into their own hands to make the game easier for everyone. Make sure to download the Improved Map with Visible Roads to have a much easier time locating important objectives on the Pip-Boy.

2 Realistic Death Physics Tones Down The Ridiculousness

Bringing Realism to Death

Fallout 4 is far from the only game where characters react in the most ridiculous ways after death. At times, characters who have been shot with a pistol or hit with a bat will go flying as if they were struck by a train. Dramatic effect isn’t inherently a bad thing, but at a certain point, even a character dying in a video game can feel a little too unrealistic.

Thankfully, the Realistic Death Physics mod from Nexus Mods user mm137 fixes just that. Characters who have been killed or injured will now act in a much more reasonable way according to the injury suffered. Similar to many of Fallout 4‘s other best mods, this is a quality-of-life update that just makes the game more enjoyable from the jump.

1 Enhanced Blood Textures Make Combat More Realistic

Enhancing Combat Realism

Fallout 4 runs on the same game engine as Skyrim, the Creation Engine

Enhanced Blood Textures from dDefinder on Nexus Mods is the perfect mod to pair with Realistic Death Physics to give the most authentic combat experience. By default, fighting in Fallout 4 can feel more arcade than practical. But, while Fallout is ridiculous and chaotic, the game feels better with more realistic combat. Considering the mass amounts of fighting in Fallout 4, there’s going to be a lot of blood, so it might as well look as good as it possibly can.

The game did come out in 2015, so it makes sense that the graphics aren’t up to code with some of the more modern games. Fallout 4 runs on the same game engine as Skyrim, the Creation Engine, and mods can only do so much to improve the visual quality. Downloading the Enhanced Blood Textures in Fallout 4 is one of the things that makes combat look much better.

Fallout 4 isn’t without its flaws, but the best mods undoubtedly enhance the adventure. Combining mods like the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch and Play As A Ghoul ensures a new play-through feels unlike any run prior. The most important thing to remember is that even with endless mods installed, Fallout 4 still has that same authentic feel that so many players fell in love with years ago.

Sources: Bethesda Mods (Bradenm1, Arthmoor), Nexus Mods (dDefinder, steelfeathers, PrecisionTacos, Cebius 2, Thom293, SecretAgent99, mm137, mm137)

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Fallout 4

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