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When we think of a road trip, we might imagine the open road, the wind in our hair and lots of adventures, but to make these dreams come true, a lot of planning needs to happen first. All good trips need a spot of preparation to make them successful, so we have put together our 12 top tips to help your road trip be everything that you want it to be.

1. Share the driving

There might be one person on your trip who loves to drive or is a terrible passenger, but most people will not want to do all of the driving. Plan a schedule in advance, taking the different road types into consideration, and let someone else share the load from time to time. It can be a great way to get a nap, check your messages or take in the views, and it ensures that whoever is in the driving seat is feeling alert, fully refreshed and able to concentrate.

2. Take a break

Road trips are not just about getting from one place to another, they are about taking in everything that you see along the way, so make sure that you take plenty of breaks. Find places to stop for a drink or a bite to eat, somewhere that you can explore, or just a spot where you can take a break for a little while. It allows everyone the chance to get some rest, refuel and stretch their legs, making the journey safer and a lot more fun along the way.

3. Plan for pets

Road trips aren’t just for humans, as many of us now want to bring our dogs along for the ride too. There are lots of laws in place to ensure that your dog is properly secured and that you have the right paperwork for it if you are planning on going abroad. However long your journey might be, a pet bed can make it much more comfortable for your pooch and your car, as it gives them padding and warmth, whilst protecting your car from scratches, pet hair and little accidents.

4. Bring your paperwork

Whatever your destination, you will probably need some paperwork. Whether it is your passport, a hotel or campsite booking, your driving licence, car insurance or pet vaccinations, it is best to put together a folder that has everything in it, so that you can find it quickly and easily.

5. Vehicle checks

Road trips are great fun, but only if they are safe. It is therefore important to perform a few safety checks on your vehicle before you set off. This can not only help to avoid accidents, but also ensures there are no breakdowns to spoil your trip either. Pay attention to the tread of your tyres and make sure that they are properly inflated, as well as looking at oil, water and coolant levels. Check your brakes, lights and wipers are all in good working order and get any worrying noises or rattles checked out by a garage.

6. Loose change

Whilst most things in life can now be paid for using contactless technology, it is still easy to get caught out by not having a pound in your pocket. It can therefore be a good idea to make sure you have a stash of loose change ready for a toll, car park or an essential ice cream.

7. Emergency kits

Your road trip should be fun, but the unexpected can happen, so make sure you have plenty of things on board to deal with it. A fully stocked first aid kit can help deal with any minor injuries, stings and bites, whilst a battery pack can make sure your phone and sat nav don’t lose their charge. Check that you have a spare tyre, or at least a puncture kit, and keep some blankets and a torch in the boot as well.

8. Car seat covers

Road trips are often long, so everyone in the car needs to be comfortable. Adding car seat covers can make the journey a little bit nicer, especially if the car seats are not looking their best. They are also great for protecting your car from sweat, dirt and spillages, meaning that you can have a good trip without worrying, and then just put the covers in the washing machine when you get home.

9. Be comfortable

We never know what the weather has in store for us, especially in the UK, so pack the things you need to keep you comfortable. It could be everything from a woolly hat to sunglasses, wellies to sun cream. Just make sure that you have all bases covered to keep you warm, dry and protected from the elements, whatever they may be.

10. Route planning

Road trips can be relaxed affairs, but you still need to have a good idea where you are going. Take a look at a map beforehand to give you a good idea, and then get a sat nav to show you the exact route when you get into the car. This will help you to see how long the journey is likely to take, lets you plan break stops, work out a refuelling schedule and keeps you out of long traffic jams.

11. Set a budget

Road trips are meant to be a more affordable way to travel, but the cost can soon get out of hand if you are not careful. You need to set a budget for your trip and take a realistic look at how much of that will be spent on fuel. You can then factor in things like accommodation, food and entertainment.

12. Go with the flow

A road trip is meant to be a relaxed way to travel, so don’t feel that you have to plan every minute. Get out onto the road and see what things take your fancy and where you end up that you might not have expected. After all, it is all part of the fun!

The post 12 Things to Consider When Planning a Road Trip appeared first on Brand TD.

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