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From Taylor Swift to Beyoncé, you’ve got tons of options when it comes to seeing amazing talent perform these days. But no matter what performer you’re excited to see and where you roam to see them, there’s one constant: clear bags. You’ll be expected to carry any belongings into arenas and other venues in a clear backpack, purse, fanny pack, or wristlet. And while that might cramp your style in terms of tour fits, it totally doesn’t have to. These clear bags have come a long way since they first came into use, and you can get a pretty attractive one to attend your favorite musician’s concert.

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We curated a list of some particularly attractive clear bags and purses you can take to your next big concert (or sporting) event that you won’t be embarrassed to carry with you. You might be surprised to find that there are so many different options available – but you might end up using the one you choose long after your show! They’re that cute. With that said, shop our picks below!

17 Clear Bags and Purses for Your Next Big Concert Event

1. Clear With the Gear: You’ll have plenty of space for your necessities in this transparent crossbody bag and still get a bit of flare with an Aztec pattern strap – just $14!

2. Off-White, Alright!: You don’t have to sacrifice all your style with a transparent bag. This purse features off-white and gold accents while still meeting concert and stadium requirements – just $9!

3. Clearly Leather: You’ll get a touch of class with this crossbody transparent bag that features vegan leather accents and sturdy construction – just $20!

4. The Bigger the Better: Transparent bags trend toward smaller form factors, but this tote is big enough to carry everything and the kitchen sink – just $10!

5. I Can See Right Through Your Fanny: Fanny packs have inexplicably come back in vogue over the last few years, and this one is a handy way to carry your essentials into secure areas – just $11!

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6. Don’t Get Chained Down: Just because your bag has to be transparent doesn’t mean you have to give up on style. You’ll find this clear purse follows designer lines, complete with gold chain strap and accents while meeting all concert and stadium requirements – just $10!

7. Pink is my Favorite Color: You can stay pretty in pink, even when your bag has to be clear, with this sassy bag – just $19!

8. Pack a Lunch: You’ll have plenty of space to pack food for the whole family with this roomy bag, which includes side pockets to fit drinks or umbrellas – just $18!

9. Purple Rain: This bag has a touch of color and will keep your stuff dry with its waterproof construction – just $12!

10. Don’t Cross My Crossbody: We’ve got another crossbody bag that lets you rock a bit of color, and this one is a bit larger than average – just $9!

11. Stained Glass: If the venue you’re attending is a bit flexible, this transparent bag features pink and green tinting, which looks fabulous compared to its peers – just $20!

12. Carry it Your Way: This versatile bag has two modes of carry. You can either use the shoulder strap or tote it clutch style with the hand straps – just $18!

13. A Bag For Your Bag: If you love organization, you’ll want a set of these clear makeup bags that will help you keep your purse tidy and follow the rules – just $11!

14. Thwart the Thieves: If you’re worried about sticky hands, this clear backpack has an extra zipper and closing flap that make it challenging to slip into undetected – just $25!

15. Coin Master: Don’t leave change rattling around your bag. Take this coin purse and tame all those loose presidents – just $6!

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16. I’m a Princess: Show the world you’re a princess while you bare all your bag has to offer – just $9!

17. Total Recall: You’ll get a huge clear tote and a bonus crossbody bag with this deal – just $43!

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