It is no secret  we love a good seasonal capsule wardrobe around here. Why? From my personal experience it reduces decision fatigue, saves time, helps me to avoid unnecessary shopping, and it forces me to actually wear what is in my closet! If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a capsule wardrobe, the idea is to create several outfits using a small collection of pieces. This 29 piece Summer Capsule can be styled into over 100 unique outfits.

Since I have been creating capsule wardrobes for several years now, my brain automatically thinks of all the different ways I can wear a piece of clothing. This is super helpful whenever I make a purchase decision and also when creating seasonal wardrobes for you. My general rule of thumb is that if an item can’t be worn with at least five outfits, it doesn’t belong in my wardrobe.

You can certainly utilize fewer pieces in your capsule wardrobe, though I find 25-30 pieces are ideal and will cover an array of outfits suited for various events. GRAB YOUR COPY OF THE SUMMER CAPSULE GUIDE TODAY!

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Summer Capsule

This Summer capsule is designed for casual, comfortable daily wear, with a selection of slightly dressier items to complement the casual pieces for special occasions. As a busy mom working from home with two young boys in the Midwest USA, my aim is to maintain a cute appearance while prioritizing comfort and functionality. Thus, this capsule wardrobe is a reflection of such a lifestyle. The beauty of capsule wardrobes is their adaptability to your personal style, life, and local climate.

For instance, you might opt for a black linen blazer over the black denim shirt included in this capsule. Let this capsule serve as inspiration to craft a Summer wardrobe that’s uniquely yours!

I created 20 outfits for this post to give you a visual representation of the versatility of these pieces. However, there are more than 100 different outfits you can create with this 29 piece Summer capsule. To get access to the 100 styled outfits, check out my Summer 2024 Capsule Wardrobe Guide.

The Summer Capsule Guide not only provides 100 outfit ideas but also includes two shopping links for each item, allowing you to shop similar items from two distinct retailers. This offers the flexibility to explore various price points and styles if you decide to shop this capsule. Additionally, I have compiled a Summer capsule checklist and a mini travel capsule wardrobe, complete with seven outfit ideas, utilizing items from this collection. To conclude, I share my personal process for assembling a seasonal capsule wardrobe from the ground up. Check out the guide HERE!


The Summer Capsule Color Palette

The seasonal capsules I design feature primary pieces in neutral colors, complemented by 2-3 items in an accent color. This Summer, I’ve chosen brown as the accent color, paired with several black pieces. Earth tones are not only on-trend this year, but brown will also seamlessly transition into the Fall season. Planning ahead for versatility is crucial to a successful capsule wardrobe, ensuring each item receives maximum usage.

Color Palette

Get your complete Summer Capsule Wardrobe Guide HERE!

Black is another color that is up for debate, especially for a Summer wardrobe. I personally do not mind wearing black all year, however if this is not your personal preference you can easily swap the black items for navy or blue! It is important to recognize that everyone has their own unique style and the idea here is not to create inspiration for you so that you can create a capsule wardrobe you love.

How to Create a Summer Capsule

If you are interested in learning about the process to create a seasonal capsule wardrobe, check out my Summer Capsule Wardrobe Guide! I will walk you through the exact steps I followed to transform my personal wardrobe several years ago. The results are beyond simply creating a versatile wardrobe!

Capsule Items

As with last season’s Spring Capsule Wardrobe and every other capsule, I try to utilize as many wardrobe staples as possible. These are the foundational pieces that get the most wear throughout the year. This season particularly contains several staple pieces and are great to have on hand for layering over for when the weather cools later in the season. Here are all 29 pieces in this Summer capsule.

  1. White Tank: I have owned this tank from Amazon for several years now and it still looks and fits great. Probably one of my favorite Amazon clothing purchases yet. Fit is true to size, it is very stretchy and comfortable. 
  2. Black Tank: This is linked to the same tank top above. I own in both black and white and simply love it. This tank is affordable and easy to wear alone or as a base layer in cooler months.
  3. Floral Tank: Florals can be tricky to pull off in a capsule wardrobe, but this is tank top is perfect because it is monotone and neutral. You basically have to look really close to notice the floral print. This one will be great for Spring attire as well. Fit is true to size, slightly cropped.
  4. Gray Tank: Gray is one of my go to neutral color and this fitted tank is a no brainer for summer. Opt for smooth, non-ribbed, fabric to make dressing up super easy.
  5. Cap Sleeve Top: This top from Amazon is another favorite of mine. I particularly like how it looks with denim bottoms. The fit is true to size; I opted for one size larger for a more relaxed fit.
  6. White Oversized T-Shirt: This casual wardrobe staple naturally runs slightly big. I purchased my true size but could easily size down one and still have a nice fit.
  7. Gray Ribbed T-Shirt: This ribbed t-shirt strikes the perfect balance between fitted and comfortable, making it an essential addition to any wardrobe. I have it in two colors and absolutely love it. The quality is excellent, and it’s very reasonably priced.
  8. Beige Fitted Top: I featured this top on my recent review of NA-KD. It is great and can be worn for multiple seasons. Fit is true to size. If in between sizes, I would go down.
  9. Brown T-Shirt: This t-shirt is lightweight and spacious, offering a slightly boxy yet highly flattering fit. Its breathable fabric is essential for staying comfortable on hot summer days.
  10. Fitted White T-Shirt: A basic white t-shirt can be worn all year and creates endless outfits.
  11. Graphic T-Shirt: Graphic t-shirts have been featured in several of my capsule wardrobes. Wear in an ultra-casual outfit or dress it up with a cute skort and sandals. I prefer to shop men’s graphics for an oversized fit.
  12. Linen Short Sleeve Shirt: This shirt runs slightly big, which is the style I personally love. 
  13. Black Denim Shirt: While black may not be for everyone, this goes nicely with the other black items in the capsule. If black is not your color, a nice lightweight blue denim chambray would be an excellent alternative.
  14. Beige Cardigan: Summer cardigans like this are must have for chilly mornings and nights. I also love a good Summer cardigan to wear indoors where I know it will be cooler.
  15. White Shorts: White denim shorts are great, though you could choose any white fabric or short style that fits your personal needs.
  16. Cream Linen Shorts: Comfortable and easy to dress up. Cream is also extremely versatile!
  17. Biker Shorts: I love leggings but wear these instead when it is simply too hot outside. Love! 
  18. Blue Denim Shorts: A wardrobe must have
  19. Dark Linen Pants: White linen is too high maintenance for me so I when I came across this charcoal pair, I knew they had to be included in the Summer capsule! These have pockets and a drawstring waist with a baggy fit through the legs. 
  20. Light Wash Denim: Again, this is another item that can be adjusted to meet your own personal style needs! Any fit or wash of blue jeans will work here!
  21. Black Skirt/Skort: This mini skort is a new addition to my wardrobe. Fit is true to size. It is stretchy and very flattering. It has a zip closure and comes in a suiting type fabric. You could also opt for a cute black athletic skort or black midi skirt as an alternative.
  22. Slip Skirt: Included in this capsule for special events. I would recommend wearing this skirt for summer date nights, church, outings with friends, etc. Dress it up with a simple pair of heels or dress it down with a t-shirt and sneakers. Fit is true to size, this skirt has an elastic waist and is machine washable.
  23. White Dress: Another effortless, yet elevated summer wardrobe staple.
  24. Black Dress: I love a nice tiered or t-shirt style dress for summer! 
  25. White Sneakers: These sneakers are featured in nearly all of my capsule wardrobes and I reach for mine more than any other shoe in my closet.
  26. Trainer Sneakers: This is another shoe style I have been loving lately. These sneakers are great to have on hand for days I know I’ll be on my feet for a long time, they are beyond comfortable! 
  27. White Sandals: These sandals are another footwear option that provides both comfort and style. I wore this pair around Disney World and fell in love! 
  28. Black Sandals: I personally love a good slide in style sandal, however you can incorporate any lightweight black shoe or sandal with this summer collection! Scroll down to check out some of the ways I’ve styled black sandals in this Summer Capsule.
  29. Brown Sandals: Any shade of brown, tan, or nude will compliment this Summer wardrobe. This cognac slide is a fantastic designer inspired pair, though they run small so I would size up 1/2 a size. These nude Walmart flip flops are another great, and affordable, pair for Summer!



Capsule Outfit Options

linen shorts summer capsule outfits


slip skirt summer capsule outfits


white tank summer capsule outfits


brown t-shirt summer capsule outfits


Graphic shirt summer capsule outfits


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