A Christmas tree shortage is affecting small business owner

FLORENCE, Ky. — A national Christmas tree shortage is affecting local business owners’ ability to meet consumer demand. Depsite this issuse, local business owner Stephanie Renaker-Jansen, of Reminiscent Herb Farm Nursery, is making sure to spread holiday cheer with northern Kentucky families to ensure they have a Christmas tree.

What You Need To Know

  • The National Christmas Tree Association shares tips and a tree tracker on their website
  • Stephanie Renaker-Jansen has been selling Christmas trees for 38 years
  • There has been a Christmas tree shortage since 2016

Renaker-Jansen said she has been providing Northern Kentucky residents with Christmas trees for 38 years.

“We have always sold Christmas trees from the very beginning,” she said. “It was one of our greatest joys and still is today.”

Renaker-Jansen said getting inventory has become difficult since the Fall of 2020.

“The first year we were probably cut by about 75, 80 trees,” she said. “(In) 2021 it was about the same thing.”

She said many things affect the tree shortage.

“The lack of labor to plant the trees, to do the trimming, these different things all impact how many trees they can cut,” she said.

Her store manager, Alex Circk, said that despite the shortage, they’ve been able to meet the demand this year.

“This year, luckily, we’ve actually had a great supply of trees compared to the last couple of years,” Circk said. 

A National Christmas Tree Association spokesperson, Jill Sidebottom, said that small business owners may be struggling to find supplies because they purchase smaller inventory compared to big corporations.

“A tractor trailer load of Christmas trees will hold about 600 to 800 trees,” Sidebottom said. “And so if you’re only purchasing a couple of hundred trees, then the grower has to find another couple of customers to be able to fill out that that truck.”

Despite these statistics, Renaker-Jansen said her Canadian seller has been able to make sure her store has what it needs.

“This year, I have a great supplier,” she said. “He does as best as he can for me. So, this year we are really close to exactly what we need.”

The business owner said providing families with the perfect tree sets the tone for the holidays.

“You’re not selling an item,” she said. “You are promoting the season. Families get together. This is something that everyone has a different idea about, but you all come together when you’re buying that Christmas tree.”

Thanks to business owners like Stephanie Renaker-Jansen, northern Kentucky families Christmas tree shopping traditions will go on. Renaker-Jasen said they recieved more than 200 trees this year and are on track to sell each one.

Assuming you’ll be looking for a tree for your home, the NCTA offers some tips and a tree locator.



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