Android Clock App Alarm Does Not Display when it Rings [Fixed]

Have you noticed that when your Android Clock app alarm rings it does not display? I experienced it recently and the solution is to clear the app’s cache.

Android Clock App Alarm Does not Display When it Rings

Here are the steps to clear the Android clock app’s cache.

  1. Press and hold the Android clock app until it displays some information.
  2. Then, tap the app’s info icon (question mark icon). This will open the App info page.
  1. Scroll down and tap “Storage usage.”
  1. Finally, to fix the problem and make the Android clock alarm app display when it rings, tap, “Clear cache.”

Clearing your clock app’s data will erase all previous alarms and reset you have to set them again. Before you proceed, I strongly recommend noting all your alarms, and clock settings.

  1. After clearing the Android clock app’s cache, it still does not display when it rings, on the app’s storage screen (step 4), click “Clear data.” Then, to confirm the action, tap “Delete.”
  1. After resetting the app’s data, when you open the app, you will receive a message to set its notification settings. Flip “Allow notifications” on.

Then, ensure that “Lock screen” and “Banner” are turned on. Also, enable all categories.

Now, when your Android Clock app alarm rings, it will display even when your phone is locked!

If the steps in this short guide fixed your problem, or if you used another method to fix it, share your experience at Itechguides Community.

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