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Stop dangerous threats and secure your vulnerabilities without slowing down delivery. This practical book is a one-stop guide to implementing a robust application security program.

In the Application Security Program Handbook you will learn:

Why application security is so important to modern software
Application security tools you can use throughout the development lifecycle
Creating threat models
Rating discovered risks
Gap analysis on security tools
Mitigating web application vulnerabilities
Creating a DevSecOps pipeline
Application security as a service model
Reporting structures that highlight the value of application security
Creating a software security ecosystem that benefits development
Setting up your program for continuous improvement

The Application Security Program Handbook teaches you to implement a robust program of security throughout your development process. It goes well beyond the basics, detailing flexible security fundamentals that can adapt and evolve to new and emerging threats. Its service-oriented approach is perfectly suited to the fast pace of modern development. Your team will quickly switch from viewing security as a chore to an essential part of their daily work. Follow the expert advice in this guide and you’ll reliably deliver software that is free from security defects and critical vulnerabilities.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the technology
Application security is much more than a protective layer bolted onto your code. Real security requires coordinating practices, people, tools, technology, and processes throughout the life cycle of a software product. This book provides a reproducible, step-by-step road map to building a successful application security program.

About the book
The Application Security Program Handbook delivers effective guidance on establishing and maturing a comprehensive software security plan. In it, you’ll master techniques for assessing your current application security, determining whether vendor tools are delivering what you need, and modeling risks and threats. As you go, you’ll learn both how to secure a software application end to end and also how to build a rock-solid process to keep it safe.

What’s inside

Application security tools for the whole development life cycle
Finding and fixing web application vulnerabilities
Creating a DevSecOps pipeline
Setting up your security program for continuous improvement

About the reader
For software developers, architects, team leaders, and project managers.

About the author
Derek Fisher has been working in application security for over a decade, where he has seen numerous security successes and failures firsthand.

Table of Contents
1 Why do we need application security?
2 Defining the problem
3 Components of application security
4 Releasing secure code
5 Security belongs to everyone
6 Application security as a service
7 Building a roadmap
8 Measuring success
9 Continuously improving the program

From the Publisher

Application Security Program Handbook - Derek FisherApplication Security Program Handbook - Derek Fisher

Application Security Program HandbookApplication Security Program Handbook

Key Book TopicsKey Book Topics

Assess the application security in an organizationIdentify the organization’s security vulnerabilitiesOutline a secure software development life cycle that addresses security through each stageApply a defense-in-depth approach to address security issues throughout the development lifecycleMeasure the success of the program

What do all modern-day companies have in common?

They’re all vulnerable to cyberattacks, even if software isn’t their core business. To prevent and defend against these attacks, modern software development requires an agile process that constantly adapts to new threats. Application Security Program Handbook helps you get the upper hand.

Learn to spot vulnerabilities, and design and implement a defense-in-depth approach, addressing security through each stage of the development lifecycle. Peace of mind is yours with this invaluable book.

Application Security Program HandbookApplication Security Program Handbook

Key chapters of importance

Increase security with FEWER gates! In chapter 4, explore how streamlining the software release process leads to more secure code, and explore why security concerns don’t just belong to the security team.The best way to not get invited to the holiday office party? Let security vulnerabilities hold up an application release… In chapter 6, discover the release-by-risk approach that keeps releases rolling—and party invitations coming!Stand tall! Find out how to measure your security posture and how to use your metrics to drive improvements, in chapter 8.Cyber attacks are only getting better… In chapter 9, see how to ensure your application security can meet ever-improving attacks head on, and avoid common security pitfalls as you design for the future.

Application Security Program HandbookApplication Security Program Handbook

How does this book differ from other books on the market?

This hands-on guide goes beyond breaking code and exploiting weaknesses. Instead, it takes you through building an application security program that addresses security in every phase of the development lifecycle, arming you with the skills and knowledge to devise and execute robust end-to-end security programs that adapt to new and emerging threats.

Rather than a handful of specific coding practices, you’ll take away a rock-solid process for keeping your applications safe, now and in the future.

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Manning (December 27, 2022)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 296 pages
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ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1633439818
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