Ella Stiller has some really, really, ridiculously good news. 

After all, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor‘s daughter revealed that she graduated from The Juilliard School in New York City with a degree in acting on May 24.

Ella began her post with a reference to Taylor Swift‘s song “Who’s Afraid Of Little Old Me,” noting, “YOU WOULDN’T LAST AN HOUR IN THE ASYLUM (@juilliardschool) WHERE THEY RAISED ME (No, like, really).”

“Yesterday I got my BFA in Acting from Juilliard,” the 22-year-old reflected in her May 25 Instagram post. “I couldn’t be happier to be done or prouder to have survived or more grateful to my family for the unwavering support that got me there and through. I have a degree in playing pretend!!! Yay!!!”

Ella shared a photo of herself donning a graduation cap and gown with her diploma in hand next to a Julliard advertisement featuring herself. She also included highlights from her graduation ceremony, sweet pics with her pals, a candid snap of her talking to the Zoolander star, and a solo pic in her cap and flowy, pale yellow gown.

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