• Blade gains new intangibility power, making him Marvel’s ultimate swordsman in his battle against powerful Adana.
  • Blade allies with Dracula to unlock new vampire-based abilities, including the power to turn into mist, to combat the Adana.
  • Blade’s mastery of swords, hand-to-hand combat skills, and high-tech gadgets make him Marvel’s premiere vampire hunter and top fighter.


Warning: contains potential spoilers for Blade #10!

Blade has a new intangibility power, and it just made him into Marvel’s ultimate swordsman. After inadvertently releasing the powerful Adana onto the world, Blade has been acquiring new powers to help fight the threat. Blade’s journey took him straight to his archenemy, Dracula. Now, in a preview for Blade #10, he shows off his new abilities and positions himself as Marvel’s best sword fighter.

Blade #10 will be written by Bryan Hill and drawn by Elena Casagrande, and Marvel shared a first look with AIPT. The unlettered preview shows a horde of supernatural creatures scaling a building to get to Blade. On the rooftop, Blade, realizing he is outmatched, sheathes his sword and turns to mist to escape. Later in the preview, Blade and his allies confront the Adana, and he once again gets to show off his excellent skills with the sword.

The preview ends there, leaving fans hanging until the final showdown between the two in April.

Blade Has Had to Undergo Some Serious Changes to Clean Up His Biggest Mess

Blade Had to Do the Unthinkable To Defeat the Adana

Featured Image: Blade (left) and Dracula (right)

Blade’s most recent ongoing kicked off with the Daywalker accidentally releasing the Adana into the Marvel Universe. The Adana sends shockwaves throughout the supernatural and magical realms, and now Blade must clean up his mistake. He confronted Adana once before, but it ended horribly and forced him to rethink his strategy. Blade traveled to the Vampire Nation, where Dracula helps him unlock new powers he never knew he had. For the first time, Blade is drawing on some vampire-specific abilities, such as the power to turn to mist. He will need all these powers if he wishes to stop Adana.

In addition to his vampire-based powers, Blade is also one of the best fighters in the Marvel Universe. Blade is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and proficient in a variety of martial arts styles. Blade is also an expert with swords, knives and other such weapons. He also uses a variety of high-tech gadgets in his line of work, including a souped-up car with headlights that shine pure sunlight on a vampire. This combination of powers and technology has made Blade the Marvel Universe’s premiere vampire hunter–and now it is making him one of its best swordsmen.


Blade Has 1 Big Regret About His Avengers Membership

Blade’s time on the Avengers and other teams has always come with an unfortunate asterisk that he only now realizes has done him more harm than good.

Blade Just Became One of Marvel’s Best Fighters

Blade’s New Vampire Powers Eleveate Him Even Further

Blade wielding swords in Marvel Comics

The Adana represents a threat to characters such as Blade and Dracula, but the Marvel Universe as a whole, which has forced the vampire hunter to rethink his strategies. War has made for strange bedfellows: allying with Dracula even a year ago would have been unthinkable, but the vampire helped Blade in ways he will never know. Blade’s new ability to turn into mist will make him even more elusive and hard to defeat, and, when combined with his mastery of the sword, will make him one of Marvel’s best fighters.

Source: AIPT

Blade #10 is on sale April 24 from Marvel Comics!

Blade #10 (2024)

Blade #10 cover
  • Writer: Bryan Hill
  • Artist: Elena Casagrande
  • Colorist: KJ Diaz
  • Cover Artist: Elena Casagrande

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