Bold and the Beautiful spoilers use Sheila Carter for Friday’s cliffhanger after lifeless fingers stick out of a dirty blanket on the CBS soap. While the scene abruptly stopped, hints dropped suggesting that the hand likely belonged to Sheila. So, come Monday, it looks like Deacon Sharpe may deliver his promise.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hunt for Sheila Carter

Sheila Carter’s (Kimberlin Brown) toes had a lot of air time on B&B in the last few weeks, despite the fact she’s nowhere around. But for Friday’s cliffhanger, her fingers seemed to be what Bold and the Beautiful focused on.

Or at least fans assumed those fingers belonged to her, but viewers have been fooled before. They could belong to just about anyone when next week rolls around.

is Sheila Carter leaving Bold and Beautifulis Sheila Carter leaving Bold and Beautiful

Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) and Finn head to a location found on a convenience store receipt from Sheila Carter’s credit card purchases. But first, Bold and the Beautiful fans became privy to Deacon telling John Finnegan (Tanner Nolan) something that sounded like a hint. He indicated that the store is in a seedy part of town.

So, off they head to find Sheila, but the convenience store clerk said she never saw her. Then Deacon and Finn questioned a homeless man, who was overly anxious to help. Then he gave them some information for their search.

Next, Sheila Carter’s son and bereaved boyfriend head to the place where the homeless man last saw her.

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The homeless man saw a woman who looked like the picture of Sheila Carter that her anxiety-riddled boyfriend showed him. The man told the two Bold and the Beautiful amateur detectives that she went into a building behind him. But that was days ago.

Then he heard screaming. But when asked if he reported this, he was indignant and said no. He told Sheila’s son and boyfriend that he needed to stay out of things, it’s the code of survival on the streets. And he reassured them that the screaming finally stopped.

So, Finn and Deacon head to the abandoned building on Friday’s Bold and the Beautiful. What they find inside is a mess from the homeless squatting there. The camera pans to mattresses and blankets all over the place. This is littered with garbage, and strewn with bottles and cans.

Before Deacon and Finn see what lies under one of the dirty blankets, the camera zones in on it. A lifeless and filthy hand is slightly exposed, so you only see fingers. It is seen for only one fleeting moment, so, you can’t tell if they belong to Sheila. But you can see that the hand looks either dirty or discolored by death.

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Before anything popped up suggesting Sheila Carter was there, the scene cut off. Bold and the Beautiful gave a glimpse into a place so disgusting, that it’s hard to believe Sheila would stay there on her own accord.

No matter how honest the homeless man sounded, he suggested that Deacon grease his hand with money first. So, the jury is still out on who or what he saw and heard. Maybe he was only looking for a quick buck and would say anything to get that.

Bold and the Beautiful: Finn - John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) - Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan)Bold and the Beautiful: Finn - John Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) - Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan)
B&B | CBS 

Deacon offered a timeline on Sheila Carter’s disappearance, he said during this search that she’s been missing for two weeks. So, if she was lying under that blanket all that time, there’s not much hope. That’s if it’s even her. They could always discover someone else there.

So, Sheila might have been held captive against her will somewhere else in the building. This could be the case if what the homeless man said rings true.

It’s also possible she could still be in that building somewhere else. But then again, Bold and the Beautiful might have put that scene of the fingers in last week’s episode for an enticing Friday cliffhanger.

With that said, Deacon Sharpe popped up like a true hero and declared that today would be the day they would find Sheila. But he also added his biggest worry, they might be too late. So is another funeral for Sheila in the cards? Or will they find Sheila Carter and her doctor son could save her again on the CBS soap?

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