• Boruto and Kawaki’s first fight in three years reveals Boruto’s superior strength and growth since leaving Konoha.
  • Boruto effortlessly dodges Kawaki’s powerful black rods, showcasing his incredible strength and skills.
  • Despite Kawaki’s current weakness, the final fight will see him grow stronger and face Boruto on equal footing.


Warning: Contains a preview for Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter #9

As the days to Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter #9’s release date comes closer, the official website of Naruto and Boruto released a preview of what’s to come. They usually do this with every chapter, but this preview is much more exciting as it reveals Boruto and Kawaki’s first fight in three years.

Chapter #9 was expected to dive into the reveal of Himawari’s exciting new powers and the fate of Kurama, which it most likely will, but it seems that it will also focus on Kawaki and Delta managing to find Boruto after it seemed he left the village.

Manga Panel of Kawaki and Delta fighting Boruto

Although it is only a snippet of the fight, it looks like Kawaki is far outclassed by Boruto. This has become evident with every new chapter of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, but seeing it unfold shows how much Boruto has grown while he was away from Konoha.


Boruto Can Finally Bring Back A Beloved Dead Character

The Nine-Tailed fox, Kurama, now has a clear path to rejoining the plot of the series after a bombshell in the latest chapter.

The Gulf Between Boruto and Kawaki Is Evident

Boruto Effortlessly Dodges One of Kawaki’s Most Powerful Attacks

The character of Kawaki from the Boruto anime series.

The preview image shows Kawaki using the black rods and Boruto easily dodging it. This is a very big deal given how powerful the technique Kawaki used is. Inheriting it from Ishikki after the failed Karma awakening, these powerful and high-speed rods are summoned from the Daikokuten dimension, shrunk to a microscopic size using Sukunakihona, hurled at an enemy, and then expanded to normal size. The speed it travels at and how hard it is to see them until they hit overwhelmed even Naruto and Sasuke at their strongest.

This scene not only highlights how stagnant Kawaki has been since Boruto’s exile, but also reaffirms Boruto’s incredible strength. The only person to have overcome this deadly move was Naruto in his Baryon Mode, and it is much more impressive that Boruto achieved this feat in his base form. This development strengthens the claim that Boruto is as strong or stronger than Naruto. How he managed to detect the rods is a mystery, but it could be because of the highly mysterious Jougan or his superb chakra detection and great reflexes at work.

Kawaki’s Growth Is Yet To Come

The Final Fight Will See Kawaki Become As Strong As Boruto

Given how Boruto easily rendered Kawaki’s strongest ability useless, it is easy to see how the fight between the two will go. Furthermore, the fight might not even be long-lasting given the fact that Jura is attacking Konoha, and Boruto’s dear sister, Himawari, is in danger. Although Kawaki is no match for Boruto now, he will become stronger and finally face him on an equal footing as shown at the beginning of the series.

Source: Official website of Naruto.

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