• LEGO Star Wars offered multiple free gifts for May the Fourth, most notably the new Trade Federation Troop Carrier (40686).
  • The Trade Federation Troop Carrier features 262 pieces, 8 minifigures, and a short but sweet building time.
  • Other May the Fourth gifts included the AAT Polybag set and a Battle of Yavin commemorative coin featuring the creative POV of a TIE Fighter pilot.

LEGO Star Wars offered a handful of exciting gifts for May the Fourth (Star Wars Day). Offering a free set with select purchases, May 2024 saw the release of the brand-new model inspired by ThePhantom Menace. However, LEGO also offered more than one freebie in celebration of the galaxy far, far away.

Featured as part of LEGO’s annual Star Wars sale from 5/1-5/5, collectors could get their hands on multiple free gifts when ordering Star Wars LEGO sets, including the new wave of models that also released on May 1st. This notably included the new Trade Federation Troop Carrier (40686) in honor of The Phantom Menace’s 25th anniversary. To that end, here’s our hands-on review of the new set as well as LEGO’s other Star Wars freebies for 2024.



Every Confirmed Star Wars LEGO Set Releasing In 2024

It’s the 25th anniversary of LEGO’s always-popular Star Wars line, so here’s every confirmed set releasing in 2024 (that we know about so far).

Box Art And Contents Overview For LEGO Trade Federation Troop Carrier (40686)

Depicting The Battle of Naboo


Piece Count




Trade Federation Troop Carrier (40686)





Featuring the green plains of Naboo in the background, the box art for LEGO’s new Trade Federation Troop Carrier also features the new logo celebrating The Phantom Menace’s 25th anniversary. 2024 is also LEGO’s 25th anniversary with the Star Wars franchise in general, hence the other 25th anniversary LEGO featuring R2-D2. Featuring 262 pieces and 8 B1 battle droid minifigures, this new model is fairly substantial considering its status as a freebie for those who made qualifying orders with LEGO over $160 during the Star Wars Day sale. Likewise, $160 also qualified collectors to receive LEGO’s other two gifts with purchase as well.

Build Breakdown For Trade Federation Troop Carrier (40686)

A Great Free Set Perfect For Army Builders

Split across three bags, the overall build time for LEGO’s Trade Federation Troop Carrier (40686) is relatively quick, taking just under a half hour at a leisurely building pace. Its primary play feature is the rack of battle droids that are housed and can be easily pulled from the main speeder, allowing the B1-battle droids to be deployed and activated, ready to join in the Battle of Naboo against the Grand Gungan Army as seen in the third act of The Phantom Menace.

Featuring two blue-accented B1 pilots and six standard battle droids, this new model is certainly a worthy addition for any LEGO Star Wars collector looking to add more droids to their Separatist armies. That said, the 25th-anniversary plaque does feel somewhat unnecessary as there isn’t really anywhere for it to go. Likewise, some might argue the more specific Phantom Menace 25th-anniversary logo would have made more sense considering this particular model is inspired by the first prequel movie.

A Closer Look At LEGO Star Wars’ Other May Fourth Gifts

AAT Polybag and Battle of Yavin Commemorative Coin

Going beyond the new Trade Federation Troop Carrier (40686), collectors who spent $40 during LEGO’s Star Wars Day sale were sent the new AAT Polybag set, a mini-build of the classic Trade Federation tank seen in the Battle of Naboo. Featuring some very nice smooth plates and a rotating cannon, it’s certainly a fun little 5-minute build perfect for one’s desk or bookshelf. The polybag itself also features the new Phantom Menace 25th-anniversary logo.

Likewise, those who spent $90 or more during LEGO’s Star Wars Day sale received a commemorative Battle of Yavin coin. Held within a very nice box that opens down the middle, the coin features a creative play feature depicting a TIE Fighter pilot attempting to gain a target lock on an X-Wing during its attack run in the Death Star trench. To that end, the back of the coin features the classic design of a TIE Fighter cockpit. While LEGO has typically included a selection of fun Star Wars freebies for May the Fourth, 2024 certainly ranks on the higher end with some pretty exciting gifts.

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