CASETiFY iPhone case review – So many cases to choose—one single perfect one for me

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REVIEW – Before I upgraded from my trusty iPhone 12 Pro Max to an iPhone 15 Pro Max, I saw many reviews stating how nice it was to hold the 15 Pro Max sans case. I am a klutz and so have always used a case. So when I unboxed the 15 Pro Max, I held it for a while wondering if I wanted a case. All I could think was that this thing is incredibly slippery—it needs a case! I had already purchased a cheap case and placed it on the 15 Pro soon after unboxing. There was no way my huge investment was going to go unprotected. 

When The Gadgeteer was offered a case by CASETiFY to review a month later, I jumped at the chance. What showed up at my door was a box containing four cases and some accessories—way more than the single case I asked for. This review will deal with the case I wanted, but I’ll also touch on the others. 

What is it?

CASETiFY makes protective gear for smartphones (Apple, Samsung, and Google), earbuds, watches, iPads, MacBooks, and MagSafe Battery covers. They also make screen and camera lens protectors, watchbands, and straps. Their selection is ridiculous—as in a LOT. But CASETiFY is primarily known for cases. They even make custom cases!

CASETiFY cases come in many styles, levels of protection, and prices. Although the styles are many, most of the cases are made of recycled and plant-based material. Some cases have extended corners—something CASETiFY calls “Bounce” and “Ultra Bounce”—that add an extra layer of drop protection. 

Specs (Note that all specs may not apply to all cases)

  • Re-cycled plastic
  • Vegan leather
  • Anti-microbial coating 
  • Wireless charging compatible

Design and features

After researching the many designs and types of cases available from CASETiFY, I chose the “Impact Ring Stand MagSafe Compatible” case. It’s a basic clear case with a black edge (I would have preferred completely clear). This case comes with what CASETiFY calls a ring stand. The ring may be a gimmick, but it’s a useful gimmick! It serves two purposes: It adds more protection to the camera lens bump and when opened can become a stand. Once you’ve had a case with a stand, it’s hard to go back. The ring stand has enough resistance to prevent the case from sliding down when propped up. The ring stand also has enough give so changing positions is easy to do. Both the ring and hinges are metal—much tougher than plastic.

This case is also what is known as MagSafe compatible, meaning it will magnetically attach to a wireless charger. While I like this feature in theory, I have become a big NON-fan of wireless charging. Charging wirelessly makes my iPhone uncomfortably warm and charging is slower. I much prefer the old-fashioned wired (both cooler and faster) charging method. 

Slipping the iPhone 15 Pro Max into the hard(ish) case was easy. The case material gives just enough. Once inserted, the phone sits snug and secure. This case offers drop protection to 6.5 ft., more than enough for my needs. I never worry about it separating from the case when dropped—and I have dropped my phone many times since using the case. Remember, I’m a klutz.

As I said, I researched what I thought I needed in a case and I was correct. The Impact Ring Stand Case MagSafe Compatible case is almost perfect for my iPhone. However, others will have different needs and tastes, which explains the many choices from CASETiFY. You may notice that photos of my case will show scratches and wear. I chose not to photograph the case until I had used it for about a month. Note that any nicks and scratches on the CASETiFY case are nicks and scratches that are not on my phone!

CASETiFY also sent two Bounce Case MagSafe Compatible cases in both blue and clear/black colorways. The bounce cases have “bumpers” at each corner of the case. These bumpers can come in handy if the phone is dropped from a distance greater than just dropping it while holding—up to 21.3 ft. While I can appreciate the added protection the bumpers bring, I’m not a fan of the overall look. It appears a bit clunky by design. Plus, this case design is harder to insert into and remove from a pocket—especially on tighter jeans. These cases feature the same wireless charging compatibility, but neither have the ring stand included.

I also received an Ultra Bounce Case MagSafe Compatible case. Talk about overkill. This case also has the corner bumpers, but these are bigger and have more built-in bounce, which equals even more drop protection—up to 32.8 ft.! Not only that, but this case has built-in camera lens covers that will keep the iPhone bump lenses scratch-free. However, the lens covers are clear plastic and can scratch. This could compromise photo quality if they become too scratched or smudged. Note that this case also does not have the ring stand. Bummer.

CASETiFY sent some accessories. I received a sage-colored Rope  Wrist strap that allows the phone to be carried from the wrist. It is available in over 20 colors. I was also sent a Pearl Cross-body Strap (plastic pearls) that attaches to your phone. I can’t help but wonder that if either Rope Wrist or Body strap is used, why would you need a case—but the straps cannot be used without a case. I guess the straps are more a fashion statement than useful.

What I like

  • Great protection—with or without the bounce edges.
  • MagSafe compatible—if that’s what you want
  • The Ring Stand is becoming a necessity

What I’d change

  • Expensive
  • I would prefer a Ring Stand case without MagSafe 

Final Thoughts

The more I tried out the various CASETiFY cases, the more I am convinced I made the right choice—for me. The Impact Ring Stand MagSafe Compatible case provides more than enough protection for those times when I either drop or knock the phone off a table. It always comes away unscathed and as perfect as the day I bought it. Who cares if the case gets scratched and nicked? That means it’s doing its job.  

Price: $82 (Ring Stand); $92 (Bounce corners); $112 (Ultra Bounce corners); $42 (Rope Wrist strap); $62 (Pearl Body Strop)
Where to buy: and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by CASETiFY.

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