Kate Beckinsale

Here are the stars who have revealed to having health scares, accidents and other crises in 2024.

Celebrities dealing with health issues is always a headline-making topic. Hollywood stars and public figures might be powerful, but they aren’t immune to getting sick and dealing with accidents that affect their wellbeing.

So far in 2024, King Charles III and his daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, have both experienced health issues. King Charles had to get a procedure on his enlarged prostate, and although it was successful, it led to him being diagnosed with cancer. Kate, meanwhile, had a planned surgery, then later revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer. In March, Kate Beckinsale revealed she was hospitalized for an unknown condition.

Nobody is safe from health scares and accidents — not even celebrities. Click through the gallery for the stars who have already dealt with life-or-death issues in 2024.

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