Quinn Murphy, a makeup artist who has worked with the likes of Kate Hudson, Karlie Kloss and Natalie Portman, is launching a beauty brand called Spatch on May 4, 2024.

The line will include six shades of Invisible Spot Fix, a new kind of spot-concealing product – the brand name, Spatch, is a play on the “patch” feature on the photo retouching app Facetune that allows users to quickly remove blemishes.

Unlike traditional concealers, Invisible Spot Fix, $29, is powder-based, not cream, and works to neutralise imperfections by colour correcting, rather than simply masking. “The [spot] could be rosacea, acne, dark spots, bruises, anything,” said Murphy. Because the product doesn’t conceal in the traditional sense, the shade selection is different, with more of a focus on correcting the imperfection, not matching the skin. “The colour of your spot is not the colour of your skin,” said Murphy, explaining that green-toned products work better for concealing red spots, while orange or peachy tones work to correct grey or blue areas.

A primer with salicylic acid, an alcohol-free setting spray and a dedicated application tool will also be available, with prices between $16 – $38. The range will be manufactured in Los Angeles and in Taiwan. Products will be sold directly to consumers via Spatch’s website, and Murphy is self-funding the launch.

It will initially be available only in the US and Canada, but Murphy hopes to offer international shipping and add more products. Wholesale distribution may be a consideration, with Murphy considering dermatologists’ offices over specialty retail for the time being, given how many people visit dermatologists with skin concerns.

Murphy expects the line to be popular with younger consumers, but also with men. “When I show this to anybody under 30…they tacitly understand it. Investors are typically older… they’re used to Chanel [or other luxury brands]. They want a beauty experience that’s not yet in their imagination,” said Murphy.

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