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To modernise their MICE service into a single-point-of-contact solution, Centara Hotels & Resorts have launched New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned. Here’s how the new agenda will inspire your people in stunning locations across the globe.

New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned is an innovative one-stop approach to MICE events in awe-inspiring, global destinations

Aptly named, New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned revolutionises the world of MICE events with fresh, innovative ideas.

Immerse yourself and your company in a new approach to events and meetings

Whether you host a small gathering or have a mega event in Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, UAE, the Maldives, or other worldwide locations in mind, which is supposed to attract thousands of people from abroad – Centara Hotels & Resorts turns meetings into memorable experiences.

Rather than having several contact points binned in various regions from head to tail, or testing open-space experiments among differing subject MICE, the new agenda is all about one-stop service.

When you organise your next MICE event with Centara, you’ll experience world-class service, state-of-the-art facilities, and the latest multi-media technology on the market to elevate presentations and strengthen your brand image. Think LED mega screens or high-intensity LED lighting fixtures offering superior surge and protection, conferencing, mobile projection, video streaming, and even satellite communications.

From board meetings to team-building workshops and corporate product launches, Centara’s team of event management experts ensures every detail is executed impeccably.

New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned is built around four main elements

1. One-Stop Meeting Guru

Centara Hotels & Resorts understand their clients’ need for end-to-end event management. Thus, the groundbreaking agenda starts with Centara’s Meeting Guru service, a single point of contact that guarantees personalised service.

From collaborating with MICE Thailand and global planners to the technical set-up, the Meeting Guru service ensures a seamless experience from ideation to execution on site. What’s more, private QR-code access chats allow streamlined communication.

2. Creative catering

To improve engagement and participation, Centara’s talented in-house F&B team curate immersive dining experiences tailored to your goals. That can range from casual beach barbecues with sizzling recipe ideas to Master Chef cooking challenges. You can also provide sensory adventures by letting your guests dine in the dark. The concept known to enhance taste, smell, touch and sound has taken the culinary world by storm of late.

Or what about a create-your-own-cocktail bar on a powdery beach in Thailand or the Maldives? Unique venues can also include submarine locations. Whatever suits your fancy, the new agenda approach ensures your meetings resonate with attendees.

3. Team-building redefined

Centara Hotels & Resorts creates bespoke team-building and networking programmes designed by Asia Ability’s training experts to strengthen both team-effectiveness and personal development. Such programmes foster resourcefulness, sharing of knowledge, and active participation through workshops and activities. These can include community gardening, beach clean-ups and trash-to-treasure art projects, or toys-building activities for underprivileged children.

Exclusively priced, team-building redefined includes access to Asia Ability and in-house experts who host 30 – 90 minute workshops.

4. Centara’s EarthCare Meeting Package leads the way in sustainability

Part of Centara’s commitment to sustainability, the EarthCare package aligns seamlessly with your own ESG initiatives and elevates your MICE event experience into the bargain, thereby making a positive environmental impact.

Keeping a lid on energy consumption, Centara offers sustainable venues that use not just LED but also natural lighting. Centara Hotels & Resorts also separate waste. As well as low-flow taps, all Centara properties use eco-friendly materials and locally-sourced produce to reduce carbon emissions.

With sustainable catering, eco-friendly meeting materials, and green venues and facilities, Centara Hotels & Resorts ensure your event contributes to a more eco-conscious world while leaving a lasting impression on your attendees. Join Centara on their mission to take every meeting one step closer to a green future.

Discover more about Centara Hotels & Resorts’ MICE events that make a positive impact on both participants and the environment. Or book your next MICE event by emailing the hotel at

The post Centara Hotels & Resorts streamline MICE with New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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