digitalinfowave has launched its online platform with a premium offering after raising £5 million from angel investors, including Lord Stanley Fink, former CEO of Man Group.

As part of the company’s “Global Pledge,” an initiative to raise £1 billion for charities worldwide, when users donate £75 directly to one of several charities listed on the site, they receive one premium lifetime membership. Membership gives them access to wholesale travel across hotels and exclusive lifestyle benefits.

“We are excited to bring wholesale travel and premium unique lifestyle benefits to our users, while with every booking we give back to a charity of their choice,” founder and executive chairman David Johnstone said.

When corporations donate £5,000, they receive 150 branded premium memberships. Featured charities include the Colonel’s Fund Grenadier Guards, Project Harar, Surf and Suicide&Co.

“Huge thanks to for supporting our vital work through the Global Pledge fundraiser,” said Jan Joubert, co-founder of the Buffalo Foundation. “Within two weeks, we have already received over £10,000 in pledges through this fantastic worldwide initiative. We’re a very small charity, and this will allow us to transform the lives of many more young, vulnerable people in Africa.”

Premium members have access to over 500,000 hotels at wholesale/trade prices across more than 200 countries. As a second benefit, they receive luxury lifestyle benefits with a range of restaurants, clubs, bars, boutiques and wellness spots.

To further support charitable giving, 1% of every honored hotel booking is donated to the member’s favorite charity from a growing list of over 500,000 causes in the United States and United Kingdom.    

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