Warning! Spoilers ahead for Chicago Fire season 12, episode 10.


  • Heartbreak awaits Firehouse 51 as a long-time couple faces divorce in
    Chicago Fire
    season 12.
  • Javi expresses his appreciation towards his adopted family, not knowing that Cruz and Chloe’s marriage is on the brink of collapse.
  • Cruz’s personal struggles could lead to his departure from Firehouse 51, impacting the team dynamic in
    Chicago Fire
    season 12 and beyond.

The looming Firehouse 51 divorce just became so much more heartbreaking after Chicago Fire season 12, episode 10. As important as the cases are for Chicago Fire and the whole of One Chicago, its core characters’ personal lives also play a major part in the franchise’s storytelling. Their arcs ensure that the universe is properly fleshed out, with players that are grounded and relatable. As such, romance is often a favorite narrative trick in the series, with Chicago Fire having countless couples love lines over the years. Unfortunately, not all of them end with a happily-ever-after.

Recently, Chicago Fire season 12 just wrapped up Matt Casey’s story by seeing him marry Sylvie Brett. A couple of years ago, it was Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd who tied the knot in a fun ceremony. Currently, Violet Hawkami and Sam Carver is Chicago Fire‘s latest affair that can turn into a long-term romance. To make things realistic, however, One Chicago also has to depict the harsh truth about relationships — not all of them survive. That is the case when it was reported that a divorce is looming for a long-time Firehouse 51 couple.

Cruz And Chloe’s Divorce Would Be Devastating For Javi

Javi’s Doesn’t Know That His Family Is On The Brink Of Collapse.

In Chicago Fire season 12, episode 10, “Wrong Guy,” Cruz experiences a family crisis when Javi’s supposed biological uncle shows up from Honduras. Afraid that this would lead to him losing his adopted son, Cruz becomes agitated about the matter. As it turns out, however, it’s all part of a scam, where con artists try to blackmail families of adopted kids for money. While the culprit is arrested, Cruz is still heartbroken for Javi, but instead of feeling sad about it, the boy expresses his gratitude towards him, Chloe, and Otis for giving him a true family.

That said, it’s worth noting that during Casey and Brett’s wedding earlier in the year, Chloe was not in attendance, hinting that they were already in conflict then.

Sadly, that happy family is threatened, as teased by the official synopsis for Chicago Fire season 12, episode 12, “Under Pressure.” Per NBC, the outing will see “Cruz and Chloe’s marriage problems come to a head.” It’s uncertain what the pair’s marital issues have been since One Chicago hasn’t really delved into it. That said, it’s worth noting that during Casey and Brett’s wedding earlier in the year, Chloe was not in attendance, hinting that they were already in conflict then. That is backed up by Chloe’s continued absence in Chicago Fire season 12, episode 10.

How Cruz’s Marital Woes Can Impact Chicago Fire Season 12

Cruz’s Personal Life Can Have A Ripple Effect On Firehouse 51.

Chicago Fire Severide and Chief Boden looking skeptical

Regardless of the reason for their conflict, the divorce, or even just the idea of it, could be the final reason for Cruz to leave Firehouse 51. Cruz stepped up and became the temporary leader of the Rescue Squad until the Chicago Fire season 11 finale during Kelly Severide’s absence. He realizes that he is ready for a promotion, but there is currently no room to move up within Chief Boden’s house, leaving him no choice but to consider transferring.

This arc could be One Chicago’s way of writing out Cruz from the show. No concrete word, however, if this is even a possibility, but the show is known for pulling unexpected departures like this. If he does end up leaving in Chicago Fire season 12, he will be the fourth person to leave Firehouse 51 this year, following Blake Gallo, Brett, and Derrick Gibson.

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