• Christine Brown found happiness with David Woolley after she left Kody Brown – now, she’s sharing more pictures of her Moab Airbnb.
  • Christine’s interior design skills are impressive. Her rental property has a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Christine’s Airbnb reflects her nurturing personality. She spent years cooking and cleaning for the Brown kids, and she’s a true domestic goddess.


Christine Brown was the first of Kody Brown’s wives to move on to someone new on Sister Wives, and now, she’s showing off her Moab, Utah, Airbnb. After Christine and David Woolley got married in 2023, they quickly began building a new life together, away from the rest of the Brown family. While Garrison Brown’s tragic passing brought the family together, Christine still maintains a distance from Kody and his only remaining wife, Robyn Brown. The aftermath of Garrison’s death will impact Sister Wives season 19.

Christine found happiness after her marriage with Kody by tying the knot with David in October 2023. After ending her spiritual marriage with Kody in 2021, Christine decided to find someone who loved only her. Luckily, she met David, publicly announcing their relationship in February 2023 – months later, they got engaged. As she settles into married life with David, Christine is showing off her interior design skills at her Airbnb.


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Christine Brown Loves Decorating Her Airbnb

The Vibes Are Super Cute & Homey

Christine recently posted a reel highlighting the rental property’s finishing touches. It was captioned:

June is a stunning time to visit Moab, and hey, I know a place where you can stay!! Our Moab home is a beautiful retreat where you can truly rest and feel right at home. The link is in my bio, here’s the website: #homeawayfromhome #airbnb #moab #vacation.

It’s clear that Christine has put a lot of effort into her interior decorating. The house looks fabulous.

The property is looking much better than it did a couple of months ago. She’s an adventurous person and Christine’s Airbnb rental makes headlines. At first, the home seemed too dark and gloomy. Christine’s later offered a discount on bookings, and now, she’s doing design upgrades to make the property more appealing.

Christine Brown’s Always Been A Very Nurturing Woman

She Cooked & Cleaned For The Brown Kids

On St. Patrick’s Day, Christine honored Garrison by making his favorite breakfast. The former wife of Kody has always been a domestic goddess – that’s the reason why she’ll be a great Airbnb owner. When she was in a polygamous marriage with Kody and his other three wives, Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, and Robyn, Christine notably took care of many of the domestic tasks, including cooking and cleaning. While this is likely a role she was encouraged to play due to her conservative and religious upbringing, Christine is good at it and seems to enjoy it.

Additionally, Christine opening an Airbnb also demonstrates her caring personality, as it reflects her desire to share the beauty of the area with others.

Christine has always been there for her children, and she’s a great friend to Janelle too. Christine opening an Airbnb demonstrates her caring personality – she’s committed to promoting the beauty of the area with others. Her business venture provides an opportunity for financial gain, and it also makes her an integral part of the Moab business community.


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Christine Brown Chose Clean & Contemporary Style

The Colors Reflect The Desert Landscape

In a series of photos, Christine showcased the Airbnb’s clean and contemporary style. The living room features soft browns and tans with pops of deep red, highlighting the mountain landscape in the background. The bedroom has a clean white palette with pops of deep reddish purple. The kitchen features marble countertops and dark brown cupboards. Altogether, the home is quite homey, while still being modern. Anyone who doubts Christine’s ability to transform the Airbnb into an coveted rental property may find that her new upgrades make the home seem more impressive.

Sister Wives star Christine posted photos of the house while grieving Garrison’s passing, but everyone needs to make money – it doesn’t mean that Christine doesn’t care – she does. Christine is reeling after Garrison’s death, as is everyone else in the family. Keeping busy may help her to heal. Hopefully, getting her Airbnb ready has brought her some peace as she navigates this turbulent time.

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