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Cloudbeds, the premier hospitality management software platform, and Cendyn, a global integrated hotel technology and services company, have today announced a strategic partnership dedicated to driving revenue growth for hoteliers.

This collaboration connects Cloudbeds’s property management system (PMS) seamlessly with both Cendyn CRM and Cendyn Digital Marketing Platform (DMP), empowering hoteliers to optimize operations and elevate guest relationships to boost revenue streams. The systems’ integration streamlines operational efficiency by centralizing tasks such as cross-channel connectivity, digital advertising management, and campaign monitoring.

“By harnessing Cendyn’s robust marketing automation capabilities alongside Cloudbeds PMS, hoteliers can automate and optimize marketing campaigns while consolidating guest data” says Chris Egan, Chief Product Officer at Cendyn. “This comprehensive approach enables precise audience segmentation, personalized content creation, and campaign scheduling tailored to guest behavior and preferences.”

The Cendyn and Cloudbeds integration enables hoteliers to consolidate guest data across all different touchpoints, allowing for personalized marketing efforts. With the centralized digital ads platform, hoteliers can tailor campaigns to enhance guest experience and drive direct bookings, thereby increasing revenue.

Furthermore, by leveraging the combined power of Cendyn’s analytics capabilities and Cloudbeds’ PMS, hoteliers gain actionable insights into guest behavior, campaign performance, booking patterns, and revenue performance, providing a clear pathway to revenue growth.

Sebastien Leitner, VP of Partnerships at Cloudbeds, said: “Our collaboration with Cendyn marks an important milestone for us. By enhancing our leading PMS solution with Cendyn CRM and digital marketing functionality, we look forward to enabling hoteliers to elevate guest experiences and achieve even greater revenue growth.”


The post Cloudbeds and Cendyn partner to enhance hotel revenue and guest experience appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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