Footage has surfaced of Gloss Up with her man after Keyshia Cole called the rapper out for sneaky linking with Hunxho. Additionally, videos are making rounds of the rapper speaking about her former relations with Hunxho.

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Footage Surfaces Of Gloss Up & Her Boo Amid Keyshia Cole Calling Her Out

On Friday, May 3, Instagram user @livebitez took to the platform to share footage from Gloss’ recent livestream. In the clip, the rapper gave viewers a side view of her “bae.”

The rapper seemed to imply that she didn’t want to give viewers a full look at her man because “too many people know him,” and she didn’t want anyone “to be texting him.”

Before the clip concluded, Gloss seemingly told viewers that she’s been with her bae for six months.

Here’s Why The Rapper & Her Bae Are Topic Of Conversation

Gloss Up’s bae didn’t become a topic of interest until Keyshia Cole called the rapper out for allegedly sneaky linking with her boo, Hunxho. As The Shade Room previously reported, Cole briefly deactivated her social media after Gloss Up shared cozy photos with Hunxho.

When the singer returned to social media, Cole explained that Gloss having a man she’s about to marry and seemingly creeping with Hunxho is “nasty work.”

In response, the rapper only fueled speculation of recently messing around with Hunxho.

My Mom Taught Me To Respect My Elders…. I Was With Him Last Night & Saw You Crying Blowing Up His Phone …”

Gloss Up & Hunxho Apparently Have An Extended History

Hunxho has seemingly reacted to the drama involving himself, Cole, and Gloss, nonchalantly. On Friday, May 3, he took to social media to share a casual response to speculation that he may have stepped out on Cole, per The Shade Room.

Although things may not be clear about Hunxho and Gloss’ current relationship, we should note Gloss has been transparent about allegedly being intimate with Hunxho.

According to footage shared by 9MagTV via YouTube, in November 2023, Gloss Up took to social media to deny being pregnant by Hunxho. At the time, she explained that the rapper was never her man.

Then, in early April, Gloss weighed in amid Keyshia Cole and Hunxho initially being spotted together. At the time, Gloss Up explained that she wasn’t “pressed,” was happily in a relationship, and said that social media users “believe everything they see.”

Most recently, the rapper appeared as a guest on the YouTube ‘20 GUYS VS 1 RAPPER.’ During the appearance she spoke candidly about Hunxho, while explaining that she’s “happily married” but all she has to do is “call” if she wanted the rapper to spin the block.

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