Da Baby recently alleged that a rapper propositioned him to start a fake beef to gain clout.

Hop New Hip Hop reports the “lyricist” wanted to take shots at the 32-year-old online but maintain their friendship in private.

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What Did The Rapper Say?

Da Baby — born Jonathan Kirk — recently sat down for the latest episode of Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast, ‘The Big Podcast.’

He claimed a rapper phoned him and asked if he wanted to “go up.” The Cleveland native said the anonymous rapper was “fired up” after seeing “the back and forth between J. [Cole] and Kendrick” and stated they “should diss each other.” 

Kirk claimed that the tactic would be effective but he wasn’t down to fake diss anyone.

“I know for a fact what that’ll do but at the same time it’s a little more personal with me,” he said. 

Baby said he truly had to dislike the individual to speak poorly about them in public stating, “I’m not about to say certain things about you if I really don’t feel a certain way about you.” He added, “And that’s out of respect for you. Cause it can get go any which way.”

Roommates React To Da Baby’s Claims

@1baddejaa, “So he just confirmed half of these beefs be for publicity.” 

@d.hunna said, “Boy said lyricist and yall naming Blueface and YoungBoy…Gen Z is cooked.”

Some Roomies wondered why he was mum now because he spilled the beans on other celebs in the past.

“I fw baby but he told the world he slept with Meg but gone keep this private,” __acaciaaa wrote.

@chelseaalanaa wrote, “If you’re not gunna name names. Leave it at the playground Lenard.”

Additionally, social media has been making guesses about who the alleged rapper could be.

Check out the Da Baby’s claims below:

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