Embrace the beauty of nature at Koh Tao’s highly anticipated annual event, Spotlight  Koh Tao 2024. This remarkable festival is dedicated to honouring nature and community, making it a  standout celebration.

The festival offers a diverse range of activities, including educating attendees about  nature conservation, promoting green economy initiatives, showcasing the power of community, and  emphasizing sustainable management practices. Our primary goal is to encourage responsible and  sustainable tourism, and we invite you to join us from 3-5 May 2024 at Aow Leuk, Koh Tao.

“Koh Tao stands out as one of the world’s most renowned diving destinations, attracting over 700,000 international visitors annually and generating an income of around 20,000,000,000 Baht.” Rumluek  Assavachin, the president of Koh Tao Tourism Association has said that “Koh Tao’s diverse array  of corals and marine life serves as a precious resource for us, particularly in the aftermath of the  pandemic. It has significantly bolstered efforts in rehabilitation, prompting a newfound emphasis on environmentally conscious travel.”

“This year, the Spotlight Koh Tao aims to invite all of you to embark on a new way of experiencing Koh Tao travel. Our vision is to establish this island as a captivating marine attraction, offering opportunities to learn about the underwater world while promoting social and environmental responsibility. Furthermore, we strive to elevate our reputation as a Sustainable Island Tourism Destination.”, said the president of Koh Tao Tourism Association.

Visitors at the festival will have the opportunity to participate in 12 land and sea environmental conservation activities that showcase Koh Tao’s commitment to being a socially and environmentally responsible tourist destination.

The activities compose of Growing for Saving, Zero Food Waste Thai Cuisine, CoCo Tie Dye, Sea Glass Jewelry, Eco Print Fabric, Plas-Tao, Zero Waste / Natural Products, Fish Aggregation with Local Fishermen, Coral Reef Rehabilitation, Reef Watch Monitoring, Mooring Line Maintenance, and Underwater Clean Up. Moreover, there will be wellness activities such as Ice Bathing, Sound Therapy, Yoga, and Thai Fire Massage.

Guests can have a wonderful time at Koh Tao Photo Contest & Exhibition, and Koh Tao Green Market, recognized as the most sustainable market in the Gulf of Thailand. Visitors can shop for local products, and savor traditional dishes.

Furthermore, there will be a diverse range of performances to enjoy, including local and international sports competitions, Koh Tao history exhibition, along with the  captivating Spotlight Runway Show featuring Mister Global and local islanders.

We look forward to your presence at the event, which has brought together the entire community with the purpose of showcasing our true essence and our vision for Koh Tao as an eco-friendly destination.  Join us from May 3-5 at Aow Leuk, Koh Tao.



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