Do I Need To Do HIIT Every Day?

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Strength training counts
Strength training poses many health benefits, particularly where it concerns your heart, but also bones, weight and balance too. HIIT requires exercising different muscle groups to improve muscular fitness.
In order to gain the maximum benefit from strength training, try to include different types of equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands. Your own body weight is also a very useful tool.
Take time to rest
Whether you work out in the gym or at home and you decide to do the same exercises for two or more days consecutively, it doesn’t give your body the time it needs to become stronger and recover. Not just that, but you’ll also likely find that after a while, your body and mind get tired of the same workout.
It’s critical that we recognize that recovery and rest days are just as important as the workouts. When you get good quality rest, sleep and your muscles have had time to repair, you’ll reach your goals faster.
Now, ladies, we aren’t don’t do any exercise over your rest days, instead, try and practice active recovery. By this we simply mean light activity to keep your body moving, examples of this could be:

Taking a walk
A yoga class
A light bike ride

All you’re looking to achieve here is to get the blood flowing through your muscles and joints, without exerting the heart or muscles you worked during your HIIT exercises.
Work on your form
It is vital that you keep the correct form when working out. By doing so, you’ll avoid injuring yourself and strengthen the muscles you’re using. In addition, it’s worth noting that you actually build strength and muscle when exercises are executed correctly. Now we’ve said that think about that person you always see at the gym, they’re looking at themselves in the mirror and they’re squatting lower than you. Well, not for much longer… that can and will be you, ladies.
If you’re someone that does use weights throughout your workouts, or if you’d like to, then following the correct technique is even more important. Using weights adds more stress on your joints and muscles as it is more weight than they are used to carrying. It would be the same if you were to use your body weight for certain exercises, like jumping. It’s also worth noting that when not following the correct form, you’ll be using more energy than you need to.
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