• According to RTD, the Master won’t be returning in
    Doctor Who
    Season 14.
  • Davies hints at a fresh start for the show, ruling out classic foes like The Master for now.
  • The
    Doctor Who
    episode “The Giggle” revealed the fate of the Master, who lost to the Toymaker in a game and is currently sealed in a golden tooth.

Russell T Davies finally addresses one theory of whether The Master is lurking in the shadows of Doctor Who season 14. Following a lore-twisting debut in the final act of Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary and the seasonal tale in 2023, Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor will be joined by Millie Gibson’s new companion Ruby Sunday for new adventures. While Doctor Who season 14 is set to air in May, Gatwa and Gibson are confirmed to return in the currently filming season 15 in 2025, joined by new companion Varada Sethu.

While attending Doctor Who season 14’s premiere in London, asked current showrunner Davies whether audiences should expect to see the Doctor’s Renegade Time Lord rival The Master in the new episodes. Despite Jinkxx Monsoon’s villain The Maestro being speculated to be a new incarnation, Davies firmly ruled out the Master’s return in the new season but teased a whole new pantheon of strange and wild monsters and foes. Check out Davies’ full explanation and tease below:

No, it’s nothing to do with the Master… it’s completely different, a pantheon of gods that we’ve introduced. I did think when I named them Maestro that there was a chance that that might overlap. It causes speculation, which is fun, but the Master is kind of parked for the moment. There’s been a lot of the Master recently, so it’s time to start again and have a fresh start to the show.

Indira Varma’s there, she’s amazing. [There are] lots of great villains – episode 4 has got possibly the strangest villain you’ll ever see. You have to come and watch – even in an interview like this, it’s hard to describe. You’ve got to come and watch episode 4 to understand what’s going on. And then episode 5 has great big ugly monsters, which are fantastic, so good old Doctor Who territory.”

Will The Fifteenth Doctor Face Any Classic Foes In Doctor Who Season 14?

Gatwa’s Doctor Will Face New Villains In Season 14.

Despite Davies’ confirmation that The Master may not make a return anytime soon, it is clear the villain isn’t gone permanently from

Doctor Who

‘s future.

Last seen physically through Sacha Dhawan’s incarnation in 2022’s “The Power of the Doctor,” the Master’s current whereabouts have already been addressed in Davies’ current era of Doctor Who. As revealed by Neil Patrick Harris’ Toymaker, the Master had lost a game to the powerful being, leading to him being sealed away in a gold tooth that was sneakily claimed by a mysterious figure’s hand in the climax of the 60th anniversary. With such a surprising tease and Monsoon’s character’s eerily similar name, many viewers had speculated they may portray a new incarnation.


Who Picked Up The Toymaker’s Gold Tooth? Doctor Who’s Master Return Tease Explained

With a mysterious hand taking the tooth containing the Master, audiences are left wondering when the Time Lord will be returning to Doctor Who.

However, with Davies ruling out the Master’s involvement in season 14, it is becoming more apparent that 2024’s new episodes may be free of classic villains. While longtime fans may be disappointed Gatwa won’t face familiar villains, it could be an ideal way to firmly establish the show to newcomers before introducing more classic foes as time passes. Despite this, the terrifying Daleks have already been confirmed to be receiving a redesign, so maybe Skaro’s deadliest forces could be a surprise adversary in season 14.

Despite Davies’ confirmation that The Master may not make a return anytime soon, it is clear the villain isn’t gone permanently from Doctor Who‘s future. With the writer not only confirming their whereabouts but his early intentions, Davies has shown that he is aware that audiences are invested in the villain’s future. But, with The Master “parked,” perhaps the showrunner is hoping to take audiences by surprise as the countdown begins for Gatwa’s debut season.

Doctor Who
season 14 will premiere its first two episodes on Disney+ on May 11 for international viewers, and on BBC iPlayer for UK viewers on May 10, followed by a later broadcast on BBC One.


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