• Season 14 of Doctor Who may introduce more supernatural forces like the Toymaker, hinting at a bigger threat to the Doctor.
  • UNIT notes an increase in supernatural occurrences, suggesting the Doctor and allies will face new dangerous entities.
  • While the Toymaker was seemingly defeated, there is a possibility of his return due to a possible loophole in his banishment.


Doctor Who seems to be taking the Time Lord’s adventures to the next level in season 14, and one key element hints that the Toymaker’s influence will continue to be felt going forward. The Toymaker is one of the most dangerous forces the Doctor has ever encountered in Doctor Who, a reality-warping entity that exists outside the normal rules of space and time. His defeat in “The Giggle” didn’t necessarily erase the threat posed by the character, as his final words hinted at the forces bearing down on the world.

However, there may be more to the Toymaker’s proclamation than meets the eye. The Toymaker, after all, isn’t the only supernatural force that the Doctor has encountered over the years. The trailer for season 14 of Doctor Who hints that other supernatural forces similar to the Toymaker could be on the way, and will play a major role in the Doctor’s next adventures. This could underscore the importance of the Toymaker going forward in the series, and even potentially set up his possible return.


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The Fifteenth Doctor Talks About Powers Beyond The Universe

Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor and David Tennant hologram in Doctor Who season 14 trailer

The Fifteenth Doctor’s proclamation that there are “powers beyond the universe” at play in Doctor Who suggests that the Toymaker and forces like him will still be a factor in future Doctor Who stories. Doctor Who‘s Toymaker was introduced as an enemy of the First Doctor. Although most of the episodes featuring the character have been lost (one of the harsh realities of classic Doctor Who), he was brought back for “The Giggle” to combat the Fourteenth Doctor. The Toymaker exists outside the standard laws of the universe, effectively working as a supernatural reality-warper bound only by his own rules.

In a universe where most things can be explained with alien science, the Toymaker is a far more dangerous and arguably supernatural presence. The Toymaker breaks the laws of the universe, closer to magic than most mysterious elements in the sci-fi series. Classic Doctor Who introduced other forces like this that the Toymaker brags in “The Giggle” about defeating, such as the Guardians of Time and Space. The Fifteenth Doctor bringing up other powers beyond the universe implies that the Doctor and his allies may find themselves confronting these powers in season 14 of Doctor Who.

UNIT Says More Supernatural Events Are Occurring

The latest trailer for Doctor Who reveals that UNIT will be working heavily with the Doctor going forward. Notably, they also bring up how there has been an apparent uptick in supernatural forces. This suggests that the enemies that await the Doctor, Ruby, and UNIT in the next Doctor Who series operate on a scale that can’t be measured against the enemies and elements the Doctor has already encountered. Entities like the Toymaker highlight how vast and dangerous the universe can be, with unexplainable threats proving puzzling even for experienced heroes like the Doctor and UNIT.

These threats could easily include the Toymaker’s Legions, whom the villain teased during his final scene in “The Giggle.” This would also be in line with statements from Russell T. Davies, as reported by Radio Times. Davies revealed that the Toymaker’s Legions would become a threat in future stories. It would also fit into the threat posed by Doctor Who‘s supernatural Goblins, who in “The Church Of Ruby Road.” There’s even the lingering threat of The One Who Waits, a force that even the reality-altering Toymaker dared not face and might exist outside regular time and space.


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Will The Toymaker Return In Doctor Who Season 14?

Neil Patrick Harris as The Toymaker on stage in Doctor Who

All of this suggests that supernatural forces are at work in Doctor Who, which means the established rules of the series may be in flux. It wouldn’t be out of the question for the Toymaker to return. It would be surprising, however, given the nature of his defeat. In “The Giggle,” the Toymaker was defeated in a game by the Doctors after Doctor’s Bi-Generation. This led the Doctor to banish the Toymaker from existence forever. However, due to his powers, this isn’t necessarily a death sentence. Thus, UNIT contains his trunk and throws it into a vault.

As a result, the Toymaker could be located and released. There’s also a chance that if the Doctor’s supernatural conflicts take him outside the typical boundaries of time and space, the Toymaker could use the loophole in his banishment to make a return. The Toymaker will be an unlikely threat to return to the world of Doctor Who, but the universe has broken rules in the past — and with the Toymaker’s legions apparently due for an appearance in the series, it’s not impossible for one of the Doctor’s most dangerous foes to come back for another round.

Source: Radio Times

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