eBay, the online marketplace renowned for its expansive pre-loved fashion selection, is bringing a more personalised experience to its customers.

Powered by, fashion enthusiasts can now ‘shop the look’, the company’s latest generative AI-powered enhancement.

Shop the Look is an immersive carousel of looks, tailored to its customers’ shopping history, complete with interactive hotspots that reveal similar items and outfit inspirations. eBay describes this new feature as “being greeted with a curation of outfits made of new and pre-owned apparel and luxury items that speak to your style preferences”.

eBay designed Shop the look to evolve with the tastes of our customers by taking cues from their shopping habits. It’s an opportunity for shoppers to explore fashion items that will integrate naturally with their existing wardrobes.

Jemma Hadd, Head of Fashion at eBay, said: “Alongside removing listing fees for pre-owned clothing, we’re transforming our platform to make buying and selling pre-owned fashion as easy as buying new.”

The new feature is now available in iOS for UK customers, with Android coming later this year. Shoppers who have viewed at least 10 fashion items in the past 180 days will find this feature both on the eBay homepage and fashion landing page.

In addition to fashion, eBay is exploring potential expansions into other categories. Its goal is to continuously enhance the feature with new personalisation elements over the next year.

Earlier this week, eBay UK announced that it has abolished seller’s fees for fashion items in a bid to boost the resale market as it estimates there is £16.3 billion worth of unworn items in UK wardrobes.

The abolition of the seller’s fee, which came into effect on 8 April, is just one of the ways the global resale platform is aiming to encourage circular fashion consumption.

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