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Jonathan Majors was arrested for the alleged assault of a woman named Grace Jabbari, whom he was in a previous relationship with. The choreographer accused the Marvel Cinematic Universe actor of striking her during an alleged argument in early 2023. In April 2024, he was sentenced to one year of counseling and no jail time.

After he was found guilty in December, Majors gave his first interview on Good Morning America in January. He revealed that he was shocked by the verdict in the sit-down TV interview.

Majors’ trial began in late November 2023. As the trial has been, Jabbari has testified about their relationship, and audio of him scolding her has been presented. The audio of a 911 call that Majors made the day he was arrested was also presented in court. In December 2023, Majors was found guilty of reckless assault in the third degree and guilty of harassment. However, he was found not guilty of intentional assault in the third degree and not guilty of aggravated harassment in the second degree.


Following the guilty verdict on December 18, 2023, one of his lawyers released the following statement to PEOPLE on Majors’ behalf. “It is clear that the jury did not believe Grace Jabbari’s story of what happened in the SUV because they found that Mr. Majors did not intentionally cause any injuries to her,” the statement began. “We are grateful for that. We are disappointed, however, that despite not believing Ms. Jabbari, the jury nevertheless found that Mr. Majors was somehow reckless while she was attacking him,” the note continued.

Additionally, they noted that he intends to clear his name. “Mr. Majors is grateful to God, his family, his friends, and his fans for their love and support during these harrowing eight months,” the note added. “Mr. Majors still has faith in the process and looks forward to fully clearing his name.” Shortly after the verdict, PEOPLE also confirmed that Marvel Studios plans to “cease working” with Majors. Some of his most recent work with the studio includes 2023’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Keep reading to learn more about Majors’ assault case.

Who Is Grace Jabbari? 

Jabbari is a choreographer and dancer who dated Majors in the past. She has also appeared in box office-breaking films, including Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning: Part One and Barbie. 

What Did Jonathan Majors Do? 

Majors and Jabbari have accused one another of battery during an alleged argument that occurred in March 2023. He was arrested for multiple counts of assault: three counts of assault in the third degree, one count of aggravated harassment in the second degree, three counts of attempted assault in the third degree and one count of harassment in the second degree. If he is convicted, Majors could face up to one year in prison, according to several outlets. 

The Harder They Fall star vehemently denied the accusations against him, saying in a statement with his lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, “Jonathan Majors is innocent and has not abused anyone. We have provided irrefutable evidence to the District Attorney that the charges are false. We are confident that he will be fully exonerated.”

In addition to his case against Grace, Variety reported that multiple women have come forward with assault allegations against Jonathan over the years. 

While Majors awaits his upcoming trial against Jabbari, she also turned herself in to authorities in October in connection to the March 2023 incident. TMZ reported that Jabbari allegedly scratched the actor’s face, causing a cut on his cheek, and tore off his coat buttons. 

Jabbari’s attorney said in a statement, “Grace is super strong. We are disappointed when survivors are treated like perpetrators.” For his part, Majors’ lawyer, Dustin Pusch, reacted to Jabbari turning herself in, according to a statement obtained by Entertainment Tonight. 

“With her arrest yesterday, the public learned that the NYPD determined probable cause exists to charge Grace Jabbari for the crimes she committed against Jonathan Majors,” the statement read. “This decision came after the NYPD’s thorough and lengthy investigation. Instead of acting on the findings from law enforcement, the District Attorney’s office unilaterally and without explanation has decided not to prosecute Ms. Jabbari for her misdeeds and the documented injuries she caused Mr. Majors.” 

However, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office released a statement noting that it would not pursue charges against Jabbari for the alleged March 2023 incident with Majors. 

What Evidence Has Been Presented in the Trial?

After the trial began on November 29, Jabbari took the stand on December 5. During her testimony, she teared up as she spoke about Majors’ alleged “violent temper,” per Page Six. The actor’s ex claimed that she got “scared,” when he allegedly yelled at her for discussing a past relationship. “I knew to never mention my ex again or anyone I had dated before,” she said. She also recalled another incident where the Marvel actor allegedly began breaking objects around the house after she went out for a night with a friend. She also claimed that he would threaten to commit suicide. Photos of her alleged injuries were also shown.

Jabbari’s attorneys also presented an audio recording of Majors scolding her as evidence, per Daily BeastThe recording was taken about six months before the alleged assault. “I’m a great man. A great man. I am doing great things,” he said. “The woman that supports me, the one I support, needs to be a great woman…and make sacrifices.”

The Creed III actor’s 911 call from March 26 was also played in court. It was a day that he had found Jabbari “unconscious,” and he referred to her as his “ex-partner,” per VarietyMajors had claimed he found his ex on the floor of their walk-in closet. The officers on the scene didn’t find any evidence that she had suffered an accidental overdose or a suicide attempt. Majors was arrested later that day. Jabbari had previously claimed that the actor had forcefully taken his phone out of her hands, and she couldn’t sleep due to the pain. She said that she took two sleeping pills, but then woke up on the floor of the closet.

Is Jonathan Majors Going to Prison?

Majors was found guilty of reckless assault in the third degree and guilty of harassment, and not guilty of intentional assault in the third degree and not guilty of aggravated harassment in the second degree.

He was sentenced to one year of counseling on April 8. Majors received no jail time.

What Did Jonathan Majors Say in His ‘GMA’ Interview?

During his first TV interview after the guilty verdict, Majors revealed that he was in a state of shock by the decision. “I’m standing there and the verdict comes down. I say, ‘How is that possible based off the evidence, based off the prosecution’s evidence, let alone our evidence? How is that possible?’” he said.

Despite being found guilty, Majors did shout out those close to him, including his girlfriend, for showing support. “It’s just me now, you know, and my lovely, you know, partner, Meagan [Good], and my dogs,” he said. “I’m surrounded by people who love me, who care about me. But this has been very, very, very hard, and very difficult, and confusing in many ways.”

Is Jonathan Majors Still Acting in Movies and Shows? 

Majors rose to fame from his roles in films such as Devotion, Creed III, and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The California native also received accolades for his television role in Lovecraft Country. However, because of his assault trial, Majors’ career appears to be at risk. The Yale University graduate was dropped from his management company, Entertainment 360, and he was fired from the upcoming film The Man in My Basement. 

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