Price: $19.99
(as of Apr 13, 2024 15:24:11 UTC – Details)

Between weird prompts and your friends’ weirder answers, That Escalated Quickly becomes Exploding Kittens’ funniest party game, perfect for game night extravaganzas!
A Side-splitting Icebreaker: The prompts are funny, but your friends’ answers will be funnier! This game forces you to get creative (and a little weird), and it’ll have everyone laughing in no time.
Cooperative Fun for Everyone: Dive into cooperative play as you and your friends creatively sort absurd things from one to ten. Instantly bring the party to life with this easy-to-carry game, suitable for mixed-age groups and family game nights.
Instant Party Starter: The 150 Question Card Deck and 10 Number cards are easy to bring to any event. Plus, this game is compatible with mixed-age groups and can be adjusted to play with groups of varying sizes.
Game Night Extravaganza: Flex your creativity with That Escalated Quickly! This imaginative board game guarantees a challenging and silly experience, making it one of the best family games for kids and adults.
This is a collaboration with Cocktail Games based on their Spiel de Jahres 2022-nominated Game of the Year title, Top Ten.

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