• The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
    season 2 will focus on Daryl’s adventures in France and Carol’s search for him beginning in Maine.
  • The upcoming season, subtitled
    The Book of Carol
    , will explore if the two are going to be reunited, and what will happen if they are.
  • The first footage of
    Daryl Dixon
    season 2 was released, showing Daryl fighting the Pouvoir

    while Carol confronts the people who took him.


AMC has unveiled a first look at The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 2, showing what to expect from the next chapter alongside Carol’s return. The new season of the zombie spinoff, subtitled The Book of Carol, will feature Daryl’s continued adventures in France while his fellow survivor tries to learn what happened to him. This will include her going to Maine and confronting the group that gave Daryl to the Pouvoir.

Now, AMC (via TWalkingDWorld) has released a first look at Daryl Dixon season 2, teasing what’s next in The Walking Dead‘s expansive spinoff universe.

The first footage of the upcoming season shows Daryl and a group of survivors ambushing the Pouvoir in an abandoned town. It also shows Carol getting his crossbow back, using it to threaten the group of people that loaded him onto the boat bound for France.

Daryl & Carol’s Reunion Will Be A Major Walking Dead Turning Point

A composite image of Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier from The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon season 1 ended with the reveal that Carol is now on the road looking for her lost friend, making her way to Maine where she last heard from him. This sets the stage for season 2, which will feature both characters in their respective locations on their own missions. However, with one of their missions being to find the other one, it doesn’t seem like it will be very long until they’re reunited.

When the pair are finally reunited, though, it’s likely to cause more tension because of everything Daryl’s been through so far. The rugged survivor has found a new home in France, and a new family in Isabelle and Laurent. While he clearly still cares about everyone he’s left behind, he’s also building a life for himself in order to achieve the happy ending Judith wanted for him. When Carol shows up to bring him home, he might feel a responsibility to stay depending on what happens in the upcoming episodes.



The Walking Dead’s Promised Cameo Now Looks Destined For Daryl Dixon Season 2 Instead

A familiar character in The Walking Dead was expected to cameo in The Ones Who Live, but now they look destined to arrive in Daryl Dixon season 2.

With Daryl fighting a renewed battle in France and Carol on the road to find out what happened to him, Daryl Dixon season 2 is gearing up for an even more intense batch of episodes than the last. With The Ones Who Live having wrapped up Rick and Michonne’s story, it appears the central focus of the franchise will now be on what happens to the series’ other iconic duo. More information – and footage – is likely to be revealed before the full season arrives.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
season 2 arrives on AMC and AMC+ in summer 2024.

Source: AMC (via TWalkingDWorld)/Twitter

Daryl Dixon TV Poster
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is a spin-off series of the core franchise that stars Norman Reedus reprising his role as the titular Daryl Dixon. Waking up on the shores of France with no clue how he got there, Daryl attempts to navigate the chaos of a European country ravaged by the zombie outbreak to find his way back to the United States.

Norman Reedus , Clemence Poesy , Adam Nagaitis , Eriq Ebouaney , Anne Charrier
Release Date
October 1, 2023
The Walking Dead
David Zabel , Angela Kang
Daniel Percival , Greg Nicotero
David Zabel

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