• Gail Simone brings the classic Misty horror franchise back to life for a new generation of fans with the
    Misty 2024 Special.
  • This one-shot includes stories written by Simone and artwork by top talent, offering fresh tales to chill and thrill readers.
  • Misty, an iconic British comic figure, was a pioneer in horror aimed at young women, showcasing the genre’s potential for inclusivity.


Superstar writer Gail Simone will revive Misty, a classic horror franchise, for a new generation of fans. Although not well-known to comic fans in the United States, Misty was enormously popular in the United Kingdom, entertaining legions of young women–and scaring them at the same time. Now, Gail Simone is revitalizing Misty for a new era, bringing along with her some of today’s top talent.

The one-shot, titled Misty 2024 Special, features stories all written by Gail Simone, with art by Carola Borelli, Aly Fell, and Marianna Ignaazi. In addition, the up-and-coming Letty Wilson will write and draw a fourth story, and the book will be topped off with a cover by Tula Lotay. Among the stories are “Eleven Lonely Deaths” and “The Pub at the End of the World,” and the preview pages are shared below.

Traditionally, Misty was simply the host of the comic, telling stories that chilled readers, but the one-shot will also feature a tale starring Misty herself.

Misty is an Icon of British Comics, and the Vanguard of a Forgotten Trend

Gail Simone is the Perfect Writer to Bring Misty Back

Cover of a Misty horror comic from Britain

While horror anthology comics are nothing new, Misty took it a step further by being aimed at young women, a demographic not usually served by such titles. Misty was created by Pat Mills, a legendary British editor who oversaw the initial issues of 2000 AD, a seminal comic magazine in the UK. Misty was part of a popular, but now largely forgotten, field of British comics aimed at girls. Misty was not the only “girls” horror comic published in the UK, but it is one of the most well-remembered, no small feat having only run for a handful of years.

Traditionally, the comic book market has been male-dominated, and continues to be, but women and female-identifying creators continue to gain ground in the field, and Gail Simone has helped blaze a trail for them. Gail Simone, who broke into comics in the 2000s, made a name for herself with critically acclaimed runs in Villains United, Secret Six, Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey at DC. She will soon be taking over scripting one of Marvel’s new X-Men books. Simone has worked in a variety of genres within comics, and Misty sees her expand into horror.


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Could Gail Simone’s Rebooted Misty Revive a Genre?

Representation Matters, and Misty Is The Ideal Title For This

Moonchild, from Misty, title page

Just as women have made strides in creating comics, the field is also attracting them as fans, and Misty’s return could keep this trend going. Women are sorely underrepresented in horror comics, and while there have been women hosts for anthologies before, Misty was something special. Generations of young women in the United Kingdom were scared witless by Misty, and now she is returning this summer courtesy of Gail Simone.

Misty Special 2024 goes on sale July 17 from Rebellion/2000 AD

Misty Special 2024 (2024)

Misty 2024 cover
  • Writer: Gail Simone, Letty Wilson
  • Artist: Carola Borelli, Aly Fell, Marianna Ignazzi, Letty Wilson
  • Cover Artist: Tula Lotay

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