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Long Dog Games is an employee-owned small business based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their mission is to share their love of games with the world by creating fun, unique gaming experiences. Their debut game, Pericle: Gathering Darkness, was funded by dedicated Kickstarter backers and strives to bridge a gap between the old and new generations of gamers by combining traditional tabletop roleplaying with sleek, app-guided gameplay.

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No Game Master Required: Play solo or with friends, perfect for when your full gaming group isn’t available.
Loremaster Software Engine: Experience the world of Pericle through Loremaster, which presents the Gathering Darkness campaign through rich narratives, animated cutscenes, breathtaking art, and an original soundtrack.
Choose Your Path: The world is rich with history, culture, factions, politics, religions, and NPCs. Most importantly, Loremaster’s branching storylines change according to player choice – your decisions shape the world of Pericle!
Hero Creation: Classless creation system allows you to build unique characters. Change heroes or builds mid-campaign. 5 pre-generated heroes available for beginners.
Tabletop Combat: Strategic mechanics for tactical combat with enemies controlled by Loremaster. Easy setup and takedown.
Hours of Gameplay: ~1 hour to play each session, 100+ hours of gameplay to finish the Gathering Darkness campaign. Ideal for small groups & when your traditional RPG gaming group can’t play.

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