Price: $9.98
(as of Apr 27, 2024 11:46:55 UTC – Details)

With a touch of the remote, LED+ Color bulb changes between two everyday light temperatures (soft white and daylight) and 16 vivid colors. Perfect for parties, holidays, or creating the right moods in your home. Go ahead, add a little color to your life.
Upgrade your home with LED light bulbs: With 16 different color settings plus whites and remote control convenience, the LED+ color changing light bulb is the perfect way to update your lighting system
Remote controlled light bulbs 60 Watt: The LED+ A19 color changing LED light bulbs are easy to implement into your home without the need of additional time, equipment, or hassle
Energy efficient LED light bulb: Color changing light bulbs that are not only fun but efficient. This A19 replacement for the 60 watt light bulb was designed to use only 10 watts, extending the life of your LED lights and reducing your energy costs
A color changing light bulb: Set the ideal scene for any mood or task. The color changing LED light bulb provides 2 white temperature colors in soft white and daylight in addition to 16 RGB vivid color settings
Synchronize multiple LED bulbs with no wi-fi or hub required: Control as many as 10 LED lights that are up to 20 ft away with the simple touch of your remote control for added convenience
60 Watt replacement using only 9 Watts (760 lumens)

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