General Hospital predictions wonder who Carly Corinthos Spencer will end up with now that she’s single on the ABC daytime drama.

Carly Corinthos Spencer Newly Single on General Hospital

Recently, on GH, Carly Corinthos Spencer (Laura Wright) got a miracle when Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) turned out to be alive and back in Port Charles. However, it did not sit well with her boyfriend, Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison), who also happens to be Jason’s twin brother.

General Hospital Predictions: Carly Corinthos Spencer (Laura Wright)General Hospital Predictions: Carly Corinthos Spencer (Laura Wright)

Drew knows she will always put Jason ahead of everyone else — except her children. He knows that if he stays with Carly, at some point, he will end up coming second to Jason and he can’t handle that. So, he broke up with her.

Of course, she was devastated on General Hospital. Indeed, she genuinely loved Drew — she still does. And she still wanted to be with him even though Jason’s back. But, not only is Jason her best friend, he will always have her heart.

Will “Jarly” Reunite on GH?

Back in the day, on General Hospital, Carly and Jason were in love with each other. But, Carly wound up with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). So, they put their romantic feelings aside and remained best friends.

But when Sonny was “dead” they got married and were ready to give their love another chance. Of course, when he returned from Nixon Falls, Carly went back to him.

Now, she and Sonny are long over and Drew is out of the picture. So, this could be a second chance for “Jarly” to continue their romance. However, the GH showrunners could take things in a different direction…

General Hospital Predictions: Carly Sparks with Jagger

While many GH fans are hoping for a “Jarly” reunion, the powers that be may have other ideas. From the minute John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) came back to town, he seemed to be drawn to Carly.

She was the first one he bumped into when he showed up at Bobbie’s. Undoubtedly, she was livid when she learned he’s an FBI agent and is bent on taking Sonny down on General Hospital.

But, recently, things shifted between them when she saved him from being beaten up by thugs. She sees him differently now, and they may spark soon. Of course, it’s more likely that Carly will reunite with Jason.

Indeed, that’s what the majority of fans seem to want. But, it would certainly be soapy and dramatic if she winds up getting close to Jagger on General Hospital. Surely, Jason wouldn’t like that.

Then, things would get messy when she found out he was the reason Jason couldn’t come home during the last two years. So, currently, Jason and Jagger seem to be Carly’s two options.

Indeed, she won’t be reuniting with Drew now that he just slept with her greatest enemy — Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros). GH is absolutely thrilling lately. Don’t miss a minute to see who’ll be Carly Corinthos Spencer’s next love on the ABC soap opera.

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