GoNexus Group, a experiences and mobility travel group, is proud to announce the launch of its cutting-edge mobile application, NexusTours App, designed specifically to elevate the travel experience for guests.

In an era where seamless travel management is paramount, NexusTours App emerges as the ultimate solution that operates worldwide. Currently available in English and Spanish, it offers an array of features tailored to empower guests like never before:

  1. Trip planning reinvented: With the NexusTours App, travelers can effortlessly track and manage their transfers and experiences through an intuitive trip planner. From itinerary customization to real-time updates, NexusTours App ensures every moment of the journey is meticulously organized.
  2. Hassle-free online check-ins: Bid farewell to long lines and tedious paperwork. NexusTours App enables users to check-in online for transfers and excursions, streamlining the pre-travel process and enhancing convenience.
  3. Embracing digital efficiency: NexusTours App revolutionizes the concept of traditional vouchers by introducing a sophisticated eWallet feature. Guests can securely store digital vouchers for transfers and excursions, ensuring easy, paperless access directly from their smartphones.
  4. 24/7 travel companion: Travel mishaps don’t adhere to office hours, and neither does NexusTours App. With a round-the-clock chatbot and call assistance, travelers can seek guidance and support anytime, anywhere, ensuring peace of mind throughout their journey.

The NexusTours App also provides branding and customization options and will soon offer white-label capabilities. Thus, B2B partners can seamlessly integrate NexusTours App with their brand identity, extending a personalized and cohesive experience to their guests.

“As the travel landscape evolves, our in-destination services business NexusTours remains committed to innovation and excellence,” said Rubén Gutiérrez, President of GoNexus Group. “The app, which has been developed by NexusLab, the innovation hub of GoNexus Group, aims to redefine travel management, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency to agencies, tour operators, and, of course, guests worldwide. NexusTours App harnesses the latest technological advancements placing the guests at its core, providing them with seamless navigation, instant updates, and personalized assistance at their fingertips.”

“With NexusTours App, guests can expect significant time savings in trip planning and management by accessing all excursions and travel services in one place, enhancing their vacation experience,” added Gutiérrez.

As a testament to its success, NexusTours App has already garnered more than 17,000 downloads since its launch one month ago and could benefit the more than 3 million guests annually whom the company directly handles. Meanwhile, the company’s global reach is further accentuated by its collaboration with more than 1,000 B2B travel partners worldwide.

This strategic launch not only underscores GoNexus Group’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of their guests, but also reinforces its status as a global leader in the travel and tourism sector.




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