Revolve Festival brought a throwback lineup this year.

It was a treat for Millennials, with musical guests including duo Nina Sky, Ying Yang Twins, Sean Paul, T-Pain and headliner Ludacris — the stars of the early 2000s.

“My life was just made,” a young partygoer beamed with excitement after seeing Ludacris rap his verse in “Baby,” Justin Bieber’s very first lead single in 2010. The crowd went wild, singing every word.

“Man, I’m so glad I did that record,” Ludacris laughed.

It was the perfect song for both the thirtysomethings and Gen Z — who crushed on Bieber as tweens.

Hosting Revolve Festival since 2015, Revolve had a much more intimate experience this time around; the retailer brought the affair to the lush grounds of Parker Palm Springs, the five-star hotel. It was the perfect setting for the “Alice in Wonderland” theme; the entrance, through grassed archways, led to a photo op moment on an elevated white and green checkered floor lined with flowers. Behind it stood a mirrored “Revolve” sign as the backdrop.

In the past, Revolve — founded in 2003 by Michael Karanikolas and Michael Mente — produced the event in massive venues with carnival rides and big-name performers of the moment (last year alone saw Ice Spice, City Girls and 21 Savage).

This was scaled down, creating a more relaxed feel, though still buzzing with energy. The space was filled with different activations — including a Rhode photo booth (with gifted products) by Hailey Bieber, which had the longest line of the day — that surrounded a large bar. Drinks were keeping the partygoers caffeinated with Red Bull vodkas and Red Bull watermelon margaritas among the most popular orders, along with Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila and Kylie Jenner’s Sprinter vodka sodas. Bieber, who quickly stopped by before the start of the event, also offered her viral Cosmic Bliss “strawberry glaze” soft serve sundae.

Groups of friends, many in cowboy hats, sat in circles on the grass as they enjoyed drinks, burgers and ice cream. Among them were model Taylor Hill with husband Daniel Fryer. Meanwhile, other VIPs sat in a closed off section near the stage, including Teyana Taylor and Tyga. Other guests included Nina Dobrev and Shaun White, Megan Fox, Emma Roberts, Charli D’Amelio, Natalia Bryant and Amelia Gray.

“This is type of goddamn crowd,” Ludacris said as the audience belted his old hits. It was a nostalgia-filled day.

“What’s up?” he asked them. “Can we reminisce?”

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