Here’s a wearable flashlight… sorta.

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NEWS – In 2015 (20,000 years ago in gadget years), I wrote a news post about the Runbell, a wearable bicycle-style bell for runners. Today, while I was surfing for interesting products, I happened upon a newer product from the same company. This time, it’s a wearable flashlight called the Torch Ring. The Torch Ring is a 350-lumen flashlight with 4 lighting modes, including a strobe light. The idea is that you wear the Torch Ring on your finger (it comes with 4 silicon adjusters to customize the fit), and your hand can grip the battery compartment while you’re out walking, hiking, running, etc. in the dark. They make it clear on their website that you wear the ring, not hold it. It kinda looks like you do hold it with that battery grip thingy. But if the adjuster can size it correctly for your finger, I guess it will work. Want one? It’s $49.99 directly from and 20% less on Amazon.

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