HomeRunPet Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit Review – make all the fur disappear!

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REVIEW – I have always loved dogs.  I have never loved the amount of fur they can leave around the house.  I have always had shelties as an adult, but during COVID-19, we adopted a puppy from a shelter.  According to his DNA test, Peanut is 44% chihuahua, 28% dachshund, 15% Australian cattle dog,  and 13% poodle.  He only weighs 18 pounds, has long legs, looks like a terrier, and sheds like a demon!  My logic for getting the Nut was that the shorter-furred dog would shed less.  I was wrong!  I don’t get tumbling tumbleweeds of fur like I did with the shelties, but I get small pieces of fur everywhere around the house.  We have had several of these vacuum grooming kits come around for review, but I passed on them because they always show them being used on longer-furred dogs like huskies.   I saw this particular kit advertised as especially quiet, so I decided to risk seeing if I could get the Nut to let me use it on him.  Let’s see how it worked out.

What is it?

The HomeRunPet Vacuum Grooming Kit is a pet grooming kit with several brushes, an upholstery accessory, and an electric clipper connecting to a vacuum.  This allows any fur you pick up on the tools to get sucked into the vacuum immediately.

What’s in the box?

  • six clipper guard combs from 3mm to 19mm
  • clipper
  • thinning combs
  • needle comb
  • silicon comb (that was in the box inside the vacuum)
  • lint brush
  • long nozzle
  • storage bag for tools and hose
  • vacuum hose
  • vacuum

Hardware specs

  • 45 db
  • copper motor
  • 3 modes
  • 12000 Pa

Design and features

The grooming vacuum comes with a nice set of grooming brushes.  The first picture below is the needle comb. You can see it has a central hole and individual holes around the needles to suck the hair into the vacuum.

The next tool is the thinning comb.  It has a button on the back to push out the thinning comb with the built-in razor, or you can retract it and use it as a simple vacuuming tool.

The next tool is a lint brush.  I used this to clean the blanket we have on the couch where the dog sits.

This next tool is the silicon comb.  This tool is really nice for massaging your pet and for de-shedding your pet.

Not pictured is the long nozzle that you can find on my home vacuum cleaners.  I used it mainly as a tool to clean fur off my furniture.  The last item is the electric clipper.  It is powered by the vacuum hose.

Now, we can get into the details of the vacuum itself.  It has quite an extensive filter system.  The main fur capture area detaches from the motor via a clip at the top of the unit.  The box inside the fur capture area is holding the silicone brush.

Opening the fur capture area will release an internal cloth filter that sits in front of a metal strainer.  Between the fur capture container and the main body of the vacuum is a cloth washable filter.  So, the motor is protected by the first cloth grey filter, the mesh metal filter, and the washable filter.


The setup was simple.  I opened the fur capture area, took out the silicone brush, and then snapped it back into place on the vacuum.  I connected the hose to the vacuum and then put the silicone brush on the end of the hose.


I was a bit apprehensive about using this groomer on my dog.  He is rather jumpy and nervous.  In the video below, you can see how I introduced the groomer to him.  I started by letting him sniff it, sitting out on the rug while I did some chores around the house.   Then I sat down and started to brush him without the vacuum on.  He seemed okay with that, so I turned on the vacuum.  He was a bit jumpy but then settled down.  He is not the perfect patient, but I was very happy with how he acted.   Since then, I have used it several times, and each time, he has become more relaxed as he realized it would not hurt him and actually felt pretty good.

Below, you can see a picture of the grooming results of that one session.  Honestly, I don’t know how I have any dog left.  I was amazed at how much fur this vacuum could pick up from my dog.  The only brush I can use on him is the silicon brush.  His fur is so thin that the other brushes poke into him too much.   I later used the lint brush and long nozzle to clean the furniture.  I also used the clipper with no guard on it to clean out the fur on his paws.

What I like

  • I love the silicon brush and how well it worked on my short-furred dog
  • The furniture tools are a nice addition.
  • The vacuum is pretty quiet.
  • The clippers work great.

What I’d change

  • I hope they eventually sell replacement filters for the vacuum.

Final thoughts

If you want a tool to help keep the fur in control in your home, I highly recommend the HomeRunPet Vacuum groomer.   It is not loud and annoying and works great.

Price: $138.99 and currently an additional $43 off to make it $95.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by HomeRunPet.

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