Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2024: Boddy

Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2024: Boddy



Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland

CEO: Hannes Boller

Website: Boddy

Founding date: 2019

Investment: €2.5 million

Boddy is a global
marketplace that connects physical and digital wellness experiences with
health-conscious travelers. We partner with fitness and wellness operators and
digital health companies to distribute their products and services through
hospitality partners, online travel agencies, insurance companies and direct to
the consumer.

We are committed to deliver the best wellness experiences to
millions of individuals worldwide, empowering them to prioritize their health
while traveling.

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Boddy gets $2.2M to connect travelers with wellness activities

Founders Sandro Abegg and Hannes Boller

Founders Sandro Abegg and Hannes Boller

Strategic goals for 2024

We’re determined to
accelerate product innovation and take our brand global, doubling down on the
recent launch in North America.

We’re excited to roll out our subscription-based offering tailored for
hospitality partners and solidify our position as the wellness category leader
for OTAs. Our mission also includes diversifying our global portfolio of
fitness and wellness experiences, while actively forging strategic partnerships
in new segments like insurance, corporate travel, and digital health.

Lessons learned since founding

Being a founder presents a constant
stream of valuable lessons. While navigating the many challenges across diverse
aspects of a business can seem overwhelming, overcoming them brings immense
satisfaction. Embrace this journey.

Key lessons have been centered around people. In particular, when operating as
a remote early-stage startup with limited capital, meticulous hiring is key.
Taking the time to make the right hires not only saves money but also
accelerates growth. Also, my advice to fellow founders: never hesitate to seek
advice; it’s a valuable resource with zero cost and limitless upside.

Additionally, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of thinking in terms of
opportunities and options – closing one door often opens many others. And when
progress seems slow, reflecting on the significant steps made thus far sparks
the energy and drive needed to tackle what lies ahead.

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