Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2024: Deal Engine

Hot 25 Travel Startups for 2024: Deal Engine


Deal Engine

Headquarters: Miami

CEO: Alex Jara

Website: Deal Engine

Founding date: 2018

Investment: $5.7 million 

Engine uses artificial intelligence to streamline labor-intensive back office

Our suite of software solutions help airlines and online and offline travel
agencies run more efficiently, reduce costs and generate new revenue while
improving the traveler experience.

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Founder Alex Jara

Strategic goals for 2024

3X: Deal Engine currently serves clients in 30-plus markets across the Americas
and Europe. In 2024, we plan to continue expanding into new geographies, and
further penetrate existing markets.

Launch new products: In 2024 we plan on, among other things, releasing a new
solution that automates both voluntary and involuntary ticket changes. Lots of
other exciting announcements are coming.

Lessons learned since founding

solution is more complex but more cost saving than we initially thought. In our
5-plus years serving the travel industry, we’ve realized that the bigger and
more tech-savvy clients are, the more they benefit from our solutions. Although
it might sound counterintuitive, these clients face a deeper pain -handling
thousands of daily transactions with sophisticated business logic.

on the shoulders of giants. Deal Engine’s mission is to simplify transacting in
travel. Focusing on where we drive value and not on problems that have been
solved before has been fundamental to our success. We are grateful (and lucky)
for the travel giants Deal Engine stands on. They have built OTAs from scratch,
transformed airlines and scaled start-up to serve millions of customers and
today guide Deal Engine to disrupt the industry.

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