Hotelbeds, part of HBX Group, has unveiled its latest collaboration, joining forces with TH Resorts, a prominent hospitality chain in Italy. This collaboration marks an exciting milestone as it adds 30 modern 3 and 4-star properties to Hotelbeds’ preferred portfolio, offering clients exclusive access to special rates and enhanced travel experiences.

The partnership with TH Resorts aligns with Hotelbeds’ commitment to expanding its accommodation portfolio and providing clients with diverse and high-quality travel options. The addition of TH Resorts’ properties offers clients the opportunity to explore popular summer destinations such as Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia, Calabria, as well as renowned ski destinations in the Italian Alps. Additionally, properties in cities like Rome, Assisi, and Lazise (Garda Lake) provide clients with convenient access to cultural attractions and urban experiences.

“Partnering with TH Resorts aligns perfectly with our mission to provide clients with diverse and high-quality travel options.”, said Carlos Muñoz, Chief Commercial Officer at HBX Group. “This strategic collaboration enables us to expand our preferred portfolio and offer our clients exclusive access to a diverse range of accommodations in highly sought-after destinations. Together, we look forward to enhancing the travel experiences of our clients and showcasing the best of Italy’s hospitality offerings.”

TH Resorts boasts an impressive collection of properties totalling 6048 rooms, making it the largest regional chain in Italy. With a focus on delivering exceptional hospitality experiences, TH Resorts has been recognised for its excellence by winning the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards for multiple establishments, including hotels, villages, and resorts, receiving outstanding reviews from travellers worldwide.

“We are excited to collaborate with Hotelbeds and offer their clients access to our properties in Italy”, said Stefano Maria Simei, Sales and Marketing Director at TH Group. “This partnership allows us to expand our visibility and showcase the high-quality hospitality we offer at our properties in Italy to international guests. We look forward to welcoming travelers to our hotels and ensure they have an unforgettable stay.”



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