Massive rock monsters called Golems are everywhere in Dragon’s Dogma 2 as you travel the world, making them creatures you need to know how to beat often. Unlike Ogres or Griffons, Golems have tons of resistances to different attacks that make them difficult to kill. Those who understand the vulnerabilities of a Golem have the best chance of taking it down whenever one shows up.



Golems attack you and your Pawn allies in Dragon’s Dogma 2 by channeling magic from runes located along its body. These glowing areas fire missiles or lasers from points on the Golem’s front, so your best chance at avoiding its strikes is to move toward its back whenever you can. Finding the right position to face this creature and recognizing its attack animations will be the keys to success.


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How To Kill Golems In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Exploit The Monster’s Weaknesses

Dragon's Dogma 2 killing a Golem by targeting its weak point Rune on the monster's back

The best strategy for killing Golems is to aim for its runes when attacking and use bludgeoning weapons or other blunt strikes to knock apart the construct. Each rune used to pull a Golem together is a weak point you can target with physical skills or spells from Dragon’s Dogma 2‘s various class vocations. Hitting these points will do significantly more damage as you avoid the monster’s different attacks.

The runes on a Golem are located on its head, the back of its legs, and at least one of the creature’s arms. You can direct Pawns to target these spots or mount the monster to try to attack these areas directly.

Golems are resistant to slashing damage dealt by most weapons in the game, so you need to find other tools to hit these creatures. For example, a Longsword will have little to no effect on a Golem, but a Hammer or other blunt instrument will deal much more damage. Take the time to find arrows and magick that deal blunt damage as well to best combat Golems if your character doesn’t rely on melee weapons.

Fire, Ice, and Lightning Magicks are resisted by Golems as well, making it difficult for characters of certain classes to deal with these rock monsters. Unless you have the Warfarer vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 unlocked, you will have to rely on only spell-related skills to fight Golems. Try to recruit Pawns to help you distract a Golem or always target its weak points to make fighting it far easier even with limited magick.

No matter how you figure out what method works best for you when fighting a Golem, taking it down will earn you Discipline Points to spend. These points can help you switch vocations if you need to face more of these creatures in your future travels. Learning how to beat a Golem in Dragon’s Dogma 2 may be a struggle at first, but you’ll find that defeating these monsters once will give you the tools to succeed again.

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