If you are simulating family life in The Sims 4, you will be looking to have a baby and the possible gender. Expanding the family obviously hinges on pregnancy and how it works. Once your Sims have WooHooed using the “Try for a Baby mechanic, you can’t really choose your baby’s gender after pregnancy. However, there is a way to influence gender or outright use cheats if you really want to change it.



While you can play as an Infant in Sims 4, there aren’t many customizable options for babies. You can’t even use an ultrasound to find out the gender, so many players rely on cheats if they want to change a baby’s gender or use some other methods. Most players want to know the gender for the sole purpose of decorating a nursery, which can be difficult without knowing the gender of their babies.


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How To Use Cheats To Change a Baby’s Gender In Sims 4

A Baby in a cradle post-birth in The Sims 4.

The fastest and easiest way to change a baby’s gender is using cheats in Sims 4. However, you must wait until the baby is born to use them, as they only work with physical NPCs.

If you want to use cheats, you will first need to turn them on. Press
Ctrl + Shift + C
to open the console for PC users. For PlayStation or Xbox users,
press all four shoulder buttons

To activate cheats, type testingcheats true. Then, when cheats are active, type cas.fulleditmode. This unlocks the ability to edit everything about a Sim as though it is your first time creating a new character. Hold down Shift and click on the baby Sim (use X and Circle on consoles) to open up Create-A-Sim mode. From this menu, you can change the baby’s name and gender.

How To Influence a Baby’s Gender In Sims 4 Without Cheats

How To Have a Male or Female Baby

A Sim picks Strawberries off a bush in The Sims 4

If you do not want to use cheats but still want to influence your baby’s gender, there is a way. Depending on what you eat and listen to, you can improve your Sim’s chances of having a boy or a girl. This needs to be done during the pregnancy phase, as a baby’s gender cannot be changed after birth without using cheats.

If you want your baby to be a female, you should have the pregnant Sim eat Strawberries and listen to Pop Music on the radio. If you are unsure where to find Strawberries, you can pick them in the different Sims neighborhoods. If you want your future baby to be a male, your pregnant Sim needs to eat carrots and listen to Alternative music. If you want to see how this mechanic works, check out taylorsaurus‘ video on YouTube below:

Please note that the above activities only increase the chances that a baby will be born female or male butare not a guarantee. While the above methods are surely weird, it is still the only way to change a baby’s gender (before birth) in The Sims 4.

Video Credit: taylorsaurus/YouTube

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