The International Labour Organization (ILO) has launched grievance applications for garment workers on May 26 in Jakarta. Developed through the Strengthening Industrial Relations in Indonesia (SIRI) project, the ILO partnered with the National Trade Union (SPN), the Garment and Textile Trade Union Federation (Garteks), and the Textile, Garment and Leather Trade Union Federation (FSP-TSK) to create this innovative tool.

These three federations are part of the national trade union confederations. The SPN is affiliated with the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Union (KSPI), Garteks with the Confederation of All Trade Union (KSBSI), and FSP-TSK with the Confederation of All Indonesian Trade Union (KSPSI).

The ILO launched grievance applications for garment workers in Jakarta on May 26, developed with SPN, Garteks, and FSP-TSK unions.
Named SoPaN SPN, Teman Garteks, and Hallo Siola, these apps facilitate complaint submission and aspiration reporting.
Users can create accounts, upload evidence, and seek resolutions through union-administered reviews.

Using a common foundation, the ILO’s SIRI project tailored exclusive grievance applications for each federation, reflecting their unique identities and specific needs. The applications are named SoPaN SPN, Teman Garteks, and Hallo Siola, ILO said in a press release.

These applications are designed to facilitate the flow of complaints and submissions of aspirations from federation members and non-members. They are user-friendly and easily accessible. After downloading the free application, users can create an account by filling in general information. They can then report complaints or convey aspirations by completing forms and uploading necessary supporting evidence, such as photos, videos, and documents.

Union administrators will review and verify submitted complaints or aspirations, taking necessary actions, including negotiation and mediation with management, to achieve win-win solutions. These follow-up actions aim to create a more productive and better working environment.

The launch was officiated by Elly Rosita Silaban, president of KSBSI; Andi Gani Nana Wea, president of KSPSI; and Said Iqbal, president of KSPI, represented by Ramidi, secretary general, through a video message. Simrin Singh, country director for Indonesia and Timor-Leste, also participated in the ceremony, which included live demonstrations of the applications.

“Effective grievance mechanisms are essential for resolving conflicts through dialogues and negotiations and for promoting a conducive working environment for sustainable businesses. Therefore, these grievance applications demonstrate the continuous support of the ILO to ensure the realization of labour rights as part of the elements of decent work such as decent working hours, social protection, occupational safety and health (OSH), wages and so forth,” said Simrin Singh.

“This innovative application is important for Indonesian workers as this can be accessed by workers nationwide and since the application also maintains workers’ confidentiality, this application can strongly encourage workers to speak up and fight for their labour rights,” said Elly Rosita Silaban.

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