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Embark on an exciting iOS app development journey with Swift 5.9, Xcode 15, and iOS 17. This hands-on guide equips you with the skills to create captivating apps and thrive in the competitive App Store landscape.

Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free eBook in PDF format.

Key FeaturesDive into the latest iOS 17 features and Swift 5.9 through hands-on projectsDevelop robust apps with top design patterns used by professionalsExpand your app’s reach by effortlessly converting it for iPad, Mac, and visionOSBook Description

In a world with nearly 2 million apps on the App Store, the demand for skilled iOS developers has never been higher. “iOS 17 Programming for Beginners, Eighth Edition” is your gateway to this lucrative and dynamic field. This hands-on guide is tailored for those who are new to iOS and takes you on a journey from learning the Swift language to crafting your own app and seeing it thrive on the App Store.

Our approach is hands-on and practical. Each chapter is designed to be a stepping stone in your development journey, providing step-by-step tutorials, real-life examples, and clear explanations of complex concepts. As you progress, you’ll not only be skilled in Swift but also incorporate cutting-edge technologies into your apps. You’ll learn how to publish your creations and harness the power of iOS 17 through a straightforward and easy to program example app divided into manageable parts.

By the time you’ve completed this book, you’ll possess the skills and knowledge to not only develop and publish captivating apps but also leverage online resources to continually enhance your app development prowess.

What you will learnDiscover the world of Xcode 15 and Swift 5.9, laying the foundation for your iOS development journeyImplement the latest iOS 17 features through a hands-on example app, ensuring your apps remain innovative and engagingBuild and deploy iOS apps using industry-standard design patterns and best practices.Implement the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern to create robust and organized applicationsExpand your app’s reach by effortlessly converting it for iPad, Mac, and visionOSDive into UIKit, the essential framework for large-scale iOS projectsWho this book is for

This book is tailored for individuals with minimal coding experience who are new to the world of Swift and iOS app development. A basic understanding of programming concepts is recommended.

Table of ContentsExploring XcodeSimple Values and TypesConditionals and OptionalsRange Operators and LoopsCollection TypesFunctions and ClosuresClasses, Structures, and EnumerationsProtocols, Extensions, and Error HandlingSwift ConcurrencySetting Up the User InterfaceBuilding the user interfaceFinishing Up Your User InterfaceModifying App ScreenGetting Started with MVC and Table ViewsGetting Data into Table ViewsPassing Data Between View ControllersGetting Started with Core Location and MapKiGetting Started with JSON FilesGetting Started with Custom ViewsGetting Started with Camera and Photo LibraryGetting Started with SearchGetting Started with Collection ViewsGetting Started with SwiftDataGetting Started with SwiftUIGetting Started with WidgetsGetting Started with visionOSTesting and Submitting Your App to the App Store

From the Publisher

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Begin with coding basics

This book will prepare you for app development from scratch, so you can engage in practical projects even if you have no prior coding experience. You’ll learn how to download and install the Xcode IDE, before walking through the user interface and simulator.

If you’re new to coding, you’ll grasp fundamental concepts such as data types, arithmetic operators, and conditional statements. For those with programming experience but not in app development, the book demonstrates how these coding basics are performed in Swift and how to use them as the basis for your applications.

Incorporate the latest features

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SwiftData helps you create data models and map them to your app’s storage. Find out how this feature can save you a lot of time compared to designing a data model yourself.


SwiftUI employs a host of UI design tools, including MapKit. This book shows you how to use these tools to create new screens through an example application, so you can follow instructions to practice using this tool.


Using the example app in this book as practice, you’ll create a widget for your own apps so you can easily display information in a new way for users regardless of whether they are using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.


visionOS enables you to display apps in mixed reality using the Apple Vision Pro headset. Learn how you can configure your app to blend virtual models and screens seamlessly with the real world, allowing users to interact with your app with eye tracking, hand gestures, and voice input.

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Learn through practice

Throughout the book, you’ll work on a hands-on example that implements each component practically. Whether it’s designing a UI or configuring a data model, the book will provide detailed instructions illustrating each activity.

In this eighth edition, you’ll follow a new example application with updated instructions, simplified screen implementation, and additional features.

Complemented by the code in action videos, you can watch every step of screen navigation in video format. This visual representation of coding for each code block ensures clarity on what to code and where to type it.

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Xcode 15, Swift 5.9, iOS 17 Xcode 14, Swift 5.7, iOS 16

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Publisher ‏ : ‎ Packt Publishing; 8th ed. edition (October 31, 2023)
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