• Zach Roloff’s recent behavior suggests his ego may be running out of control, impacting his relationship with his father and his family.
  • Zach’s decision to leave Little People, Big World after season 25 hints at him thinking he can do without the show.
  • Zach’s impatience with his daughter and preferential treatment compared to his sons raises concerns about his parenting skills.

Little People, Big WorldZach Roloff has been making some big decisions and acting out of character, which might be due to his ego. Fans who have followed Little People, Big World since when it premiered in 2006 will remember Zach as a 13-year-old boy who didn’t know much beyond his life on the Roloff farm and his duties to his parents as the first child alongside his twin brother Jeremy Roloff. However, it’s been almost two decades since the show first premiered, and Zach is much older, and the family dynamics are much different from what they used to be.

Zach’s relationship with his father, Matt Roloff, is at an all-time low due to a feud that emanates from Matt’s decision to sell off part of the family’s farm, which Zach hoped to inherit. Meanwhile, Zach is also now a family man, having gotten married in 2015 to his wife, Tori Roloff, and welcomed three children. Meanwhile, Zach’s attitude in recent years towards his father and parenting his kids has been raising a lot of eyebrows. His recent announcement about leaving Little People, Big World, after season 25 also signals that his ego might be running out of control.


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Zach Roloff Openly Disses His Dad

Zach Doesn’t Always Hold Back His Opinions About Matt

Since the beginning of their feud, Zach and Matt have tried to be civil with each other, especially when asked to discuss their estranged relationship. However, sometimes, Zach has been unable to resist the urge to throw subtle jabs at his father. When Matt wouldn’t compromise on a price for the farm, Zach accused his father of being a bad grandparent who had no clue of the value of having the next generation on the farm. Zach also accused Matt of trying to make money off his family.

In 2022, Zach called Matt a liar on Instagram, accusing his father of “manipulating the narrative surrounding their feud after Matt noted he sold off part of the Roloff farms due to his sons on his Instagram page. In Matt‘s Instagram comment section, Zach wrote that his father was once again refusing to take responsibility for his actions. According to Zach, Matt instigated the family drama while also trying to manipulate the fans by playing the victim. Zach concluded by noting, “This post is a new shocking low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and kids for his gain.”

Does Zach Think He’s Too Good For Little People, Big World?

Zach Is Trying To Create a New Path Away From the Show

Since Zach’s feud with Matt over the sale of the family’s farm started, Zach has been slightly moving away from his participation in Little People, Big World. First, he moved his family to Battleground, Washington, and he also stopped showing up for any Little People Big World events that involved his father. However, almost two decades after making his debut on Little People Big World, Zach and Tori announced they would be leaving the show on their podcast “Raising Heights” in February 2024. The timing of the exit announcement suggestsZach finally thinks he can do without the show.

Zach’s years of participation in
Little People Big World
have also made him a bonafide reality TV star, and his life away from his father might provide enough intrigue to earn a spin-off series.

Besides his earnings from participating in Little People Big World, Zach has a couple of career options, including being a soccer coach, having coached competitive soccer teams in Oregon. Meanwhile, Zach’s years of participation in Little People Big World have also made him a bonafide reality TV star, and his life away from his father might provide enough intrigue to earn a spin-off series. Also, Zach and Tori have drawn huge fans to their podcast, and although it’s still early days, they might soon find themselves in discussions for endorsement deals if “Raising Heights” performs well enough.

Zach Roloff Puts Down Tori Roloff Sometimes

Zach Doesn’t Appreciate His Wife Enough

Since Zach and Tori got married in 2015, the couple have had a steady relationship, welcoming three children: Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. However, while Zach and Tori have done quite well as a couple, the pair also have their differences, which sometimes play out on the screen. During Little People Big World season 24, Zach and Tori got into an argument after Zach commented that Tori doesn’t yell that much, to which Tori replied, “I don’t yell ever.” Still, Zach countered Tori, noting, “Oh, I wouldn’t say ever,” which made Tori mad at her husband.

Tori accused Zach of never giving her credit for anything she did in their marriage. Tori confessed she was tired of being underappreciated because, despite all she did, everybody still wanted something from her. Meanwhile, Zach also complained about Tori not being spontaneous and too consumed with keeping the house looking good. Tori’s frustration with Zach is quite understandable, considering her unwavering support of him and their family. Tori never slacks on her motherly duties or being a wife to Zach, who should be less critical and more appreciative of Tori.

Zach Roloff Is Impatient With His Daughter Lilah

Zach Treats Lilah Unfairly Compared to Her Siblings

Zach and Tori’s children have been in the limelight since their birth due to their parents’ participation in Little People, Big World. However, Zach’s parenting skills have been a cause for concern, most especially his treatment of daughter Lilah, whom the couple welcomed in 2019. Zach’s impatience with Lilah and preferential treatment in comparison to his sons became a topic during Little People Big World season 25, when Zach sat with Jackson at the fireplace, speaking to his son calmly while asking Jackson to help get Tori’s suitcase from the garage.

However, in the same breath, Zach turned around and screamed at his daughter, “Hey, Lilah! Go help Jackson get Mom’s suitcase! Zach’s decision to scream instructions at Lilah but speak in a low tone to Jackson is just one incident in a long list of trends showing Zach’s preferential treatment towards Lilah. Lilah has had some medical issues since her birth, including speech delay and, most recently, being diagnosed with sleep apnea. However, instead of adopting a patient approach to parenting Lilah, Zach’s harsh approach might contribute to the issues.

Little People, Big World

can be streamed on Discovery +.

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Little People, Big World

Little People, Big World is a popular reality TV show on TLC following the Roloff family. Over 20 seasons have aired since 2006, all centered around the little people family’s everyday life as they navigate a world that isn’t always willing to accept differences. Outside of the reality TV show, Matt Roloff has lived an incredibly successful life as an entrepreneur, farmer, writer, and motivational speaker.

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