Jayda Cheaves is speaking out after a photo of her with no makeup went viral.

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Here’s How The Makeup-Free Photo Of Jayda Cheaves Surfaced

On Monday, April 15, @YaBoyGioo, a user on X, formerly known as Twitter, took to the platform to share a photo alongside Cheaves. In the caption of his post, he wrote:

“she so beautiful…”

Additionally, Cheaves also recorded the moment via her Snapchat account.

The X user appeared to share the post with nothing but love for Cheaves. However, it quickly went viral, garnering over 18 million views to date. Additionally, many X users reacted to his post, criticizing him for not “throwing a filter” on Cheave’s appearance.

The comments went so far that the X user even called out others for their criticism.

The criticism even prompted Cheaves to post a video seemingly addressing the negative words.

Swipe below to see more social media reactions and Cheave’s video response.


Social Media Reacts As Jayda Continues To Chime In

Social media users stepped into The Shade Room’s comment section to defend Cheaves against the harsh criticism.

Instagram user @justshanae wrote, There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way she looks. People just say anything…”

While Instagram user @waveologist added, The internet: ‘You mean to tell me that she’s… A HUMAN??! MAKE SOME NOISE YALL WTF 😱’”

Instagram user @_julietmaria wrote, She looks normal. The sooner y’all realize WE ARE ALL HUMANS… the sooner yall will mind yall gatdamn business.”

While Instagram user @teamjreall added,It’s nothing wrong with how she looks, the world is just use to seeing women with make up or pictures with filters.”

Mehgan James wrote,She looks the same !! Still cute !!!”

While Omeretta added, Y’all don’t wanna see how I look running errands”

Tami Roman wrote, A pretty girl on a regular day just minding her business. There’s really nothing to see here 🤷🏽‍♀️”

While Instagram user @paradiseparis added, Filters and photoshop have fried brains like never before.”

Additionally, Cheaves herself even stepped in with a few words.

“I am not letting no acne or hyperpigmentation stop me from taking pics and being outside FULLY natural,” she said. “Idc! Idc! Never did never will .. yall gon take me however I am. Because all yall being funny KNOW what it give. Love yall 🩷”

The Mother Of One Has Previously Been Transparent When Speaking About Her Looks

As The Shade Room previously reported, Cheaves has largely remained transparent when speaking to fans about her appearance. In January 2023, the mother of one went viral after social media users accused her of bleaching her skin.

In response, Cheaves explained that she had recently undergone a chemical peel and shared up-close and personal footage of her skin.

Then, in April of that year, Cheaves took to social media to let fans know she dissolved her lip filler, per The Shade Room.

“The original plan was to get them dissolved to get them redone because I just had like too much filler in my lip. But now that I see myself without them, I’m not getting more filler put in my lip. For what?… I literally look cute… I actually look cute without that s**t, so…” she told fans via Snapchat.

Furthermore, Cheaves even shared advice for others who have had filler injected into their lips.

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