Social media is sharing reactions after John Legend opened up about his thoughts on former president Donald Trump.

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Here’s What John Legend Said About Donald Trump

On Sunday, April 21, MSNBC published an exclusive video interview with Legend.

The eight-minute clip featured a brief background on the singer’s philanthropic work. Legend is involved in efforts to end mass incarceration and promote “pretrial freedom” and bail reform.

About four minutes into the interview special, Legend mentioned how Trump is “never” spending time in jail despite his various criminal trials.

“But what happens with folks who can’t afford bail is that they have to languish in jail until their case,” Legend explained.

Later in the interview, the reporter mentioned that Trump passed the First Step Act in 2018. Then, she asked Legend how he felt about some people calling him an ally for Black and Brown people.

In response, Legend explained that he believes the former president is “truly a racist” at “his core.”

“He has not been an ally. I think the First Step Act was fine… it was a very kind of small reform,” Legend explained. “And to be honest, most of the reform we need is on the local and state level… that being said, at the same time, he’s claiming credit for those small things… he’s made it clear throughout his life, he also believes Black people are inferior…”

Watch Legend’s full comments below.

Social Media Shares Mixed Reactions

Social media users shared mixed reactions to Legend’s stance in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @belle.bebe wrote, This is how you use your platform/ voice 👏🏾”

While Instagram user @mocha_roze007 added, Trump gave me stimulus money forever love you for that unk”

Instagram user @b_luxtv wrote, Donald Trump is not a racist… stop with this narrative…”

While Instagram user @ogbarbz_ added, He not lying, Trump be saying the most racist, discrimination, misogynist things. y’all will make excuses and laugh about it.”

Instagram user @mizzmack_4 wrote, Lord cover this man with your protection on speaking the truth out loud…  #SomeoneHadToSayIt”

While Instagram user @jadin_datari added, FINALLY! SOMEONE WITH SOME SENSE!!!!”

Instagram user @brachelleg46 wrote, Here come the “I’ll vote for trump no matter what” Crew. Tell your mama we don’t care”

While Instagram user @moneymayshow added, Now I agree but we can’t have Biden again neither”

Instagram user @cwingster1984 wrote, Is he aware of Biden’s history on race?”

While Instagram user @rebel_lionnnn added, Celebrities need to stay in their celebrity lane.”

Another Celebrity Went Viral After Sharing THIS Message To The Former President

As The Shade Room previously reported, another celebrity went viral earlier this year after speaking on Trump. However, this celebrity appeared to have a different stance on the former president than Legend.

In January, Waka Flocka took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to make a request for Trump.

“Dear Trump abolish Christopher Columbus Day… As a what’s called Blackman in United States this holiday is a spit in our faces… Thanks from Waka Flocka Flame and the People!!!” he tweeted


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