Kim Kardashian just gave her first interview since Taylor Swift dropped her diss track.

In addition to taking aim at multiple exes, Taylor’s new album also seemed to trash Kim Kardashian.

Kim’s follower count has plummeted as over 100,000 fans remember Kim’s 2016 attempt to sabotage Taylor’s public image. For a while, it even worked.

For the first time since her The Tortured Poets Department callout, Kim has given an interview. How are things going?

Kim Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel on April 22, 2024.Kim Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel on April 22, 2024.
Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel in April of 2024, Kim Kardashian sat down for an interview. (Image Credit: ABC)

Kim Kardashian just gave her first post-‘thanK you aIMee’ interview

After Taylor Swift dropped her epic diss track, Kim Kardashian seemed quite cheerful on the Monday, April 22 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as you can see blow.

“Life is good,” she characterized.

Interestingly, Kimmel had included mention of The Tortured Poets Department during his opening monologue. Yet he didn’t dare broach the subject when Kim sat down for an interview.

Instead of talking about the topic that was actually on the minds of viewers, Kimmel instead spoke about Kim’s life and business.

They discussed how Kim grew up as Madonna’s neighbor. And they talked about Kim’s “ultimate nipple bra,” which she unveiled in 2023.

We’re sure that these were comfortable topics for Kimberly. But it was not one of Kimmel’s better interviewers, and had critics comparing him to Jimmy Fallon. To be clear, that’s an insult.

Taylor Swift in February of 2024.Taylor Swift in February of 2024.
Taylor Swift performs on stage during a concert as part of her Eras World Tour in Sydney on February 23, 2024. (Photo Credit: DAVID GRAY/AFP via Getty Images)

Just about everyone believes that ‘thanK you aIMee’ is about Kim Kardashian

Taylor Swift’s song, “thanK you aIMee,” has a very specific capitalization. The emphasized letters spell out “KIM.”

Once fans picked up on the lyrics, the song really took off.

Taylor sings about a “bronze” and “spray-tanned” high school bully by the name of Aimee. This fictional character is someone whom her mother “wish[es] were dead.” In the lyrics, that is.

Why would Taylor take aim at Kim? Well, that feud is actually pretty easy to explain.

In 2016, when Taylor was already precariously overexposed, Kanye West released “Famous,” a song in which he referred to Taylor as “that bitch.”

Taylor didn’t like that. Her fans didn’t like that.

But Kim released a conspicuously edited audio recording of a phone call, presenting it as “proof” that Taylor had given the go-ahead for the song.

Kim Kardashian wears all black while speaking to the confessional camera on The Kardashians in 2023.Kim Kardashian wears all black while speaking to the confessional camera on The Kardashians in 2023.
On The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian addresses the confessional camera. (Image Credit: Hulu)

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian’s feud explained

Kim’s calculated move came at a difficult time for Taylor. Taylor’s hypervisible status made her an easy target, and Kim was not the only one firing salvos.

What followed was Taylor taking a step back from public life. She had her relatively quiet, years-spanning relationship with Joe Alwyn.

Kim threw away any positive relationship with Taylor for Kanye West, a man who would go on to humiliate her and put her through hell. Was it worth it?

Pairing platinum tresses with black roots, Kim Kardashian speaks to the Season 3 confessional camera on The Kardashians. (Photo Credit: Hulu)

As for Jimmy Kimmel not bringing it up … it seems very likely that he agreed to avoid these questions in advance.

Kim and her family have a lot of clout (in their case, klout?). They can simply turn down an interview and go with someone else if and when they choose.

It’s normal for an entertainment industry interview to set boundaries in advance. And it was wise of Kimmel to respect those boundaries. But fans wonder what it means that Kim is seemingly unwilling to discuss the diss track.

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