LeBron James might get his wish of playing pro-ball with his son. Sources have revealed to The Athletic that the Los Angeles Lakers are open to drafting Bronny in late June. The 2024 NBA Draft is set to take place on June 26-27 in Brooklyn, New York.

What The Lakers Reportedly Said About Bronny

In February 2022, LeBron clarified that his NBA retirement wouldn’t happen before he touched a pro court with Bronny. One year later, he told ESPN his dream would be fulfilled as long as he and Bronny were “either in the same uniform or a matchup.”

LeBron has one more year with the Lakers and seemingly shared his intent to stay this past Feb., per Sports Illustrated. So far, LeBron James has played 21 seasons in the league.

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Now, the Los Angeles team seems to be pulling all the stops to ensure LeBron stays with them. According to The Athletic’s team sources, the Lakers are “very open to the prospect of helping LeBron fulfill his dream of playing with his son Bronny by potentially drafting him.” 

The outlet’s sources claim that LeBron and Lakers owner Jeanie Buss “have a relationship that is better than ever these days.” James and Buss went viral in March for their cozy, courtside kiki-ing.

A high-ranking Lakers official called LeBron James a part of the solution and “not the problem” for their team. They’re apparently open to “discussing any deal that involves James coming back.” That reportedly includes offering the 39-year-old the maximum, three-year $164 million extension.

At this time, though, LeBron remains tight-lipped about his next steps. On Monday night (April 29), the pro athlete walked out of a press gathering when asked if it was his last game with the team.

Watch the moment below. 

Brief Look At James’ College Career

As previously reported, Bronny announced his intention to enter the 2024 NBA Draft in April. However, he also chose to maintain his college eligibility and entered the NCCA transfer portal.

His decision comes after one year at USC– and a tough season that followed a cardiac arrest in July 2023. He was cleared to play again in late Nov. 2023. His official diagnosis was a congenital heart defect.

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